Instagram Sensation Yaniv Bar Shares Thoughts on the New Air Force 1 React Naija

It’s not every day that a new kick hits the market and manages to stir up so much noise. Veteran sneakerheads are constantly talking about Nike’s new Air Force 1 released at the beginning of October – and opinions go both ways. This is why we just had to get an expert’s point of view, and who better for the job than the man behind the brand everyone in the world of kicks has been talking about for the past couple of months: Yaniv Bar from YankeeKicks?

Between constantly monitoring what goes on in the virtual shelf of his online store to the unveiling of his new project SnkrsDen (more about that to come), Yaniv found some time to sit down and have a chat with us about the new Air Force 1 model recently released. 

What “Naija” is all about

It isn’t uncommon that sneaker brands give their shoe colors creative names. But the term Naija’s been around for a while, so we just had to figure out why. Yaniv Bar explains: “It’s a word to describe the people of Nigeria as a whole, but in a positive manner. In a way, you can say it’s the Nigerian people’s answer to the N word.” As a matter of fact, Yaniv told us, it was back-to-back and current MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo from the Milwaukee Bucks who introduced the term as a color to the world of kicks. 

Air Force 1 Shoes have been around ever since we can remember (“almost 40 years”, Bar added when we talked about it. That’s quite some time for a basketball sneaker’s reputation to keep going strong). “This model stands out because it gives consumers what they want – the right blend of quality, comfort, endurance and price,” Bar added. This, coming from a man with over 600 kicks in his private collection, is certainly something meaningful. 

Any thoughts on the new model, Yaniv?

“Well, lately the Air Force 1 React kicks have been surprising sneakerheads with just how comfortable they have become on the sole and the heel. Some complaints are still voiced about the stitches being on the weaker side, but an expert would tell you that in order to keep the shoe flexible and wearable, the stitches are ideal. This isn’t an everyday shoe and when you wear it every day, it’s not going to last for years. Just keep that in mind”.

As we have already mentioned, the shoe was recently released, and the price tag is not a heavy one. “Certainly affordable, starting at an understandable $120 retail price,” Bar told us. When we asked if we would be able to find them on his website, he was certain. “Not only will they be there almost immediately, but you’re guaranteed a good price and you have my word to vouch for that.” 

So, let’s use this opportunity to hear more about SnkrsDen 

”Well, basically I noticed that people are afraid of buying sneakers from small, local distributers because they are afraid of purchasing counterfeits, and there’s nothing a true sneakerhead hates more than that. Buying from the brand stores is not always an option, especially not in these COVID-19 times. What the world needed is a secure platform for interactions between buyer and seller – and that’s exactly what we offer".

“SnkrsDen is a virtual marketplace for shoes, and both sides of the equation profit from it. The buyer knows who they’re dealing with and has a real human being to talk to in case something goes wrong. The seller on the other hand earns trust, which gives them a higher shot at a good reputation and more sales later on”.

When will SnkrsDen go live? “It’s already there. We’re working on our social media pages right now, but you can certainly start interacting with us. We’re here for you.”