Timeless Fashion Trends and How to Emulate Them

Fashion is highly transient in nature, and any trend by its very definition is also temporary. However, there are a few staple trends, even amidst the constantly changing world of fashion, which have transcended from being mere trends to timeless standards of style.

Our topic of focus is going to be some of those standards in fashion today - the ones that did start out as trends a long time ago but were just too good to ever become outdated. If you are ever in confusion about what to wear to a special occasion, here’s the list of timeless fashion trends that you can emulate anytime you may need to.

The Black Pump Shoe (Court Shoe)

Get ready to embrace black as a prime color for your next outfit if you wish to emulate some of the options that we have for you today because black never did or never will go out of style. Black pump shoes, as they are called in the US, originated in Europe as the staple court shoe for both men and women. However, it took more than two centuries for the common court shoe of the 18th Century to transform into stylish pump shoes that ladies have been in love with since the early 20th Century.

Black pumps are, of course, the most famous of them all, but they come in all shapes, heels, and styles these days. Choose a heel height based on your overall attire, the occasion and your comfort level, but a kitten heel will do just fine.

Know that round toes may not make the most stylish statement in 2020, though, and almond-toed black pump shoes make more of an impression in today’s fashion than pointed toes. You can’t go wrong either way, though, because we are talking about a shoe trend that did not go out of style since it came into being centuries ago!

Whenever in confusion about shoes, rely on your favorite pair of pumps in black leather to get you through with elegance, whether you are in a pair of jeans, a short skirt, or a flowing evening gown.

The Little Black Dress (LBD)

Is there anything more iconic in women’s formal/semi-formal clothing range than the little black dress? Only a few others might even be compared, but the LBD remains one of, if not the most, iconic timeless trends that you can emulate with confidence.

Although the exact origins of the LBD are often debated upon, most would agree that it was Coco Chanel and Jean Patou (1920s) that brought this classic hit to mass market for the first time. Ever since then, the little black dress has been through multiple stages of evolution and experiments, but the very firs, classic designs are still as relevant as they were when they came out first.

Feel free to choose a little black dress that appeals to your sense of fashion the most, but don’t deviate too far from the original styles and cuts. You can practically wear an LBD to any formal/semi-formal occasion, but personalization is highly suggested to turn the timeless classic into a unique icon that reflects your own style statement.

If you don’t have the time to build your own unique attire right now, emulate Elsa Pataky’s chic A-line little black dress with a belt and sparkling details. The beautiful actress went with a black monochromatic look by adding another timeless piece that we discussed earlier; a pair of pointy-toed, black pumps.

The Perfect Smile

There’s just something about a perfect smile that beats anything else that we can possibly put on this list, so it most certainly deserves a separate spot of its own here. Even the modest attire in a party can be made to look like a different outfit altogether if you have that dazzling, confident smile to back up your sense of fashion. Now, keep in mind that perfection in aesthetics and fashion is highly dependent on people’s points of view, but a charming, confident smile never goes out of style.

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The White T-Shirt

People often make the mistake of comparing black and white in terms of the impacts that each color has had on fashion over the centuries. This is a mistake because the two colors compliment each other beautifully. So, the next entry on our list is the classic white tee, which is as old as the first t-shirt ever made.

The white tee with a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers is still a classic men’s style to emulate, and it has been so ever since the late 1960s. Marlon Brando made the rebellious new buttonless half shirts look cool back in those days, and the t-shirt never went out of style since then. The white tees were adopted by women much later on, but here’s the thing; they soon became a timeless hit for women as well!

In fact, unlike men, women have a far wider choice of bottom wear, shoes, and accessories to style their white tees with, which instantly makes the classic white t-shirt another timeless item on our list. If you want to emulate a full attire, we suggest taking a cue from Ashley Graham or Gigi Hadid, depending on the occasion at hand, and of course, your own preferences. Generally speaking, white tees with minimal detailing work best and stay away from anything that’s too thick or uses a nonbreathable fabric.

The Blazer

Finally, we are discussing a timeless garment for outer layering, which is more versatile than any of the other items on this list (except a genuine smile, of course). Unlike the black pumps, the white tee or the little black dress, the women’s blazer itself is an iconic piece of fashion wear that is not restricted to any one color, cut or occasion.

Women’s blue and gray blazers are reminiscent of the Second World War, reminding us about the role women played amidst all the chaos at that time. If you look at classic photos of female soldiers from World War II, it should become quite apparent where the modern women’s blazers drew their inspirations from originally. Similar to how the trench coat became a symbol of style after the war among men, those blazers became a raging trend among women soon after as well. The choice in colors is vast today, and you can’t really go wrong with a proper blazer, as long as you get the color combination right with the other items in your attire. Furthermore, from formal to casual, there’s a blazer to choose for every occasion.

There are other iconic, timeless trends as well that deserve mention, such as the pencil skirt for formal wear and the straight, long, jet black hair made popular by the likes of Jessica Alba and Rihanna more recently. You can’t really go wrong with any of these, but as far as mixing and matching is concerned though, try to emulate a few tried and tested outfit-hairstyle-accessory combos first and wait until you get a proper hang of it before experimenting with new ideas of your own.