What Are The Best Wholesale Clothing Websites?

There are hundreds of types of clothing. There are scores of renowned brands. There are thousands of manufacturers of generic clothing. Obviously then, there are dozens of wholesale clothing websites. It is near impossible to compile one list that would include all types of shirts and t-shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts and accessories. Did you know there are around forty types of sleeves and fifty types of collars? Well, let us for now confine ourselves to a short list of the best wholesale clothing websites.

Chinabrands is one of the most renowned wholesale clothing websites. Any retailer who has been in the clothing business for some time now would have heard of this singular source for a plethora of products, not just apparel. Chinabrands also offers drop-shipping. Overall, no other website comes close. In terms of pricing, Chinabrands has the best bulk rates. They also have the most diverse styles of clothing. The goods are of premium quality and there are beneficial rewards of dealing with them. 

Alibaba comes close to Chinabrands in terms of pricing, also quality to a large extent. However, there is limited diversity in styles and very few rewards. One of the advantages of dealing via Alibaba is the security of all parties involved. The platform ensures both the sellers or suppliers and buyers are protected, especially financially and in the context of terms of agreement. Alibaba is a more renowned brand, but its business to business market cap is not even remotely as massive as its business to consumer sales. 

FGrace has more styles available than Alibaba. The quality is ever reliable. The pricing is a tad higher than Alibaba, and substantially more than what you may secure on Chinabrands. FGrace does have its niche, wherein both Chinabrands and Alibaba may not provide you sufficient options. 

Catwalk Fashion is a UK based wholesale clothing supplier. They accept payments through PayPal as well as credit and debit cards. They also have a physical showroom that you can go to view items before purchasing. Updated regularly and overall a good company.

SummyDress is a favorite of innumerable retailers. Many local suppliers also source their stocks from this website. The pricing is reasonable. There are generous rewards. The overall buying experience is pleasant for most retailers. There is also a significant diversity in styles. The quality of clothing available through SummyDress is at par with FGrace, Alibaba and Chinabrands. 

Topshop is a well-known brand in the wholesale clothing industry. It doesn’t offer much scope for retailers in the United Kingdom, as there are stores offering considerable discounts or almost bulk rates. Topshop is handy for American retailers, and those operating beyond the U.K. or the E.U. Many wholesalers in the U.S. are actually suppliers who procure their stocks from Topshop. 

Other popular wholesale clothing websites are Gamiss, Sugar Lips, Bloom and Fashion Square. This list is by no means exhaustive or even comprehensive. Given the fact there are scores of major wholesalers in the country and hundreds of smaller players, there is always a possibility for a retailer to strike gold in a likely or unlikely marketplace. There are just as many wholesale clothing websites as there are brick ; mortar marketplaces. Research and shopping around is the key to find the best deal.