7 Tips to Maintain Your Growing Sneaker Collection

Do you collect sneakers as a hobby or an obsession? No matter what the reason lies behind collecting and keeping your number of sneakers growing, you must maintain and organize them properly. So when you find yourself with too many sneakers, and you are piling up Nike boxes, the first solution should not be to get rid of your sneakers but how to organize and maintain them. Therefore, as you collect your sneakers, ensure that you don’t have tendencies of living like a teenager, not knowing how to maintain your sneaker shoe collection. Below are some tips for maintaining your ever-growing sneaker collection.

1. Be yourself

After buying your first pair, it easily turns to two, then to ten, and before you know it, you have a personal sneaker collection. However, buying a new pair of Nike Air Jordans and other sneakers is the simple part. How to store them in the best way is a challenge where you will need to ensure they remain organized and well maintained. This planning can take some time. After all, it also takes time to grow your haul to top collector levels. Additionally, there is not a specific solution that works for everyone. Either you live in a studio apartment or the suburbs, the methods of how you organize your sneaker collections are very different. For this reason, be yourself and choose a setup that suits you best with space and layout you have instead of searching for a master plan that can easily backfire.

2. Go for a shelving unit 

If you often come across a situation where you have to deal with a disheveled pile from your sneaker collection, choose a shelving unit that will help you. Shelving will help you raise your sneakers, and you can opt for the floating ones stay organized that will help in saving floor space. Through this, you can protect them from dust bunnies, but you should dust them often to maintain them. Try shelving to help you organize your sneaker shoe collection, as it is an easy way to view your entire collection. Plus, you can always tell which ones are ready to resell and those you can take for donation to create space for more.

3. Store in zip lock bags

Although at first, it seems weird to store your sneakers in a zip lock bag as part of you organizing them but it is a great way to slow down or prevent the yellow sole that most people do not like. Nonetheless, this is not a tip to stop the yellow sole as it will eventually occur due to oxidization, and the factors like water, air, and dust can cause your sneakers to fade out quickly. Keeping them in a zip lock bag could be helpful to ensure that you maintain your sneakers effectively. Try this tip if you plan to save your sneaker pairs until they are part of the collector’s item. Importantly, when you use this tip, open the zip lock bag after some months to allow them to breathe.

4. Freshen up your collection

After wearing your sneakers for a while, they are bound to develop some stink. Therefore, consider several ways in which you can freshen them up. For instance, use foot powder that you can use like Gold bond and others. However, they leave a residue, and you have to apply them again. Another solution that you can try is dryer sheets that most people already use. Buy enough to stick in every shoe that you wear frequently. If you want an option that lasts for long, choose damp rid hangers that are a little fancy, and they can last up to two months. They are a sure way to wick away airborne moisture, and you can add lavender to keep your shoe collection smelling great all the time. 

5. Consider an actual storage unit for your sneakers

Sometimes it is best to seek a new home for your sneakers if you have to depend on the space you have, especially when your current collection is overflowing with an increase of new sneaker releases. So, relocate some of them to an actual storage unit if you do not have enough space to have them all together. Track one storage unit in your area to help you organize your collection by storing your shoes. However, the place you find must be climate controlled. The temperature controls are important so that the shoes you take to the storage unit are safe from the summer hit wave. After all, it is about managing the humidity where the shoes are stored. So, although these units are on the pricey side, they are worth the investment as they help the sneaker soles from turning into a crumpled mess. 

6. Get better boxes 

If you already have boxes that you use to store your sneakers, it is possible that after some time, they get banged up. So it is best to bring better boxes to keep your priceless vintage releases.

In case you ditch the original boxes that make your sneakers look like bait, invest in some new containers that will maintain your shoe collection for many years. They protect your sneakers from any elements, like air and humidity, which can cause damage to the shoe. Also, consider clear plastic containers or drop front version containers if you do not want the hassle of reshuffling the stack all the time, as this will give you easy access. 

7. Minimize moisture

Whether you treat your sneakers like they belong to a museum or you wear them to the ground, another way to maintain them is by minimizing moisture. Moisture for any sneaker is an enemy to its lifespan. It can easily cause a mildewed mess, and they can easily crumble if the humidity level is high. For this reason, you can opt to invest in a dehumidifier. Through this, you can control the humidity level and keep it at 50% humidity, where it is not dewy or bone dry. Get yourself a dehumidifier considering it cannot be as pricey as the next sneaker you are eyeing.