A guide to the latest trends in bracelets: choose the right one and let your wrist speak for you!

With warmer weather we put away our top layers and reveal parts of the skin that has remained hidden for a long time. Among these parts are the wrists, which have been hidden under sleeves, not allowing many opportunities to wear those favorite bracelets. Now is the perfect time to review the jewelry box and maybe look for some new, up-to-date pieces.

Women's bracelets have been experiencing a real boom in recent years, so you might have the impression that having just one bracelet is not even remotely enough. Bracelets made from leather, beads, minerals and delicate gold are all worn in an infinite number of combinations and in large quantities. Bracelets are stylish, but follow your personal style when choosing one.

Minimalist bracelets with pendants

Delicate gold chain bracelets with a heart or a small diamond embedded in them are a safe bet. They are a universal piece of jewelry that you will wear every day and you won’t even mind them while working at the computer, which is often a problem with more complicated bracelets. Their advantage is also the fact that the delicate design of the bracelet will make your groomed hands and well painted nails stand out. Such a bracelet suits almost any style and color of outfit you have. Its only drawback is its size, specifically the length. The bracelet should certainly not be too tight so that it doesn’t cut into the skin, but also not too loose, otherwise it could slip off your hand. The ideal length should be about 0.4 to 0.8 of an inch more than the circumference of your wrist.

Beaded bracelets with precious stones

If you enjoy distinctive jewelry pieces more and you have a weakness for precious stones, then beaded bracelets made of precious faceted stones, which can be supplemented with gold components will be just the thing for you. Style wise, they are suitable for every day wear, but they will be a great accessory for your even when you’re heading out to a party. In short, there are situations when we simply need color jewelry!

Pearl bracelets

Pearls are still holding on to their place in the sun from a fashion point of view, there is no doubt about that. They add a touch of elegance and femininity to any outfit. A pearl bracelet will be great with a retro style dress that has a pleated skirt, but also with little black dresses. Wear it on special occasions, but it can also be your go to whenever you need a more distinctive accessory. It will be your jewelry chameleon, because it will adapt to you and any style along with it. As the famous fashion icon Jackie Kennedy once said, pearls are always appropriate.

Our suggestion: Get several pearl bracelets each with different sizes of peals and wear them together, just like Coco Chanel who layered pearls around the neck. If you have a strand of pearls, you could also wind it casually around your wrist.

Thin open bracelets

Another basic type of bracelet is the open bracelet, which consists of a solid bangle and which is put on the wrist sideways. For fans of minimalism, open bracelets with a thin rim which is finished on both sides with a bead, diamond or other precious stone, are especially suitable. Although they look very delicate and discreet, they attract attention with their unusual design. Because these bracelets will fit better a bit further away from your wrists, wear them when your arms are uncovered so that they are clearly visible. They will go great for example with summer dresses which have spaghetti straps. Choose the color of gold based on your tastes, but a white gold bracelet will shine on tanned skin. Again, don't be afraid to combine more than one bracelet together in one go. 

What wrist should a bracelet be worn on?

According to tradition, a women's bracelet should be worn on her right wrist, while a man's bracelet is worn on the left. Another rule says that we should wear it on the one which is dominant, that is, if you are right-handed, then on the right, and vice versa. But today there is no strict usage and it is more or less up to you. Practical considerations can also decide it for you, such as working with a computer and a mouse, when it is more comfortable to have the wrist of the right hand free.

Bracelets on both wrists? Nothing to be afraid of!

You can work magic even with delicate and inconspicuous bracelets. Current trends definitely want you to play around with your jewelry and to not hesitate combining it in various ways. Almost nothing is taboo, not even wearing the same bracelets on both wrists, which is a popular trend among celebrities.