Best Materials In Men's Underwear

Gone are the days when men's lingerie was just regular. The innerwear is often referred to as the second skin because it comes directly in contact with the body. Men's underwear has drifted from the normal boxer brief and boxer short to thongs, G-strings, and even C-strings. Being sensitive as it is, the material quality is one of the things that needs to be looked out for when shopping for men’s underwear.

Initially, cotton was the only cloth used in making mens undergarments. There have been lots of new changes and now one can find a range of different materials including; cotton; nylon, modal, rayon, polyester, and silk. These materials have just the right amount when it comes to quality, comfort, flexibility, and durability. Here are the best fabrics when shopping for men underwear online in Australia.

Natural Fabric

This fabric can be referred to as the king of all materials – its fiber is one of the most used materials when making men’s underclothing. This was the only material used in creating underwear for long lasting construction.


Cotton is exceptionally soft and light-weight. Therefore, underwear made from this fabric is usually quite comfortable. The cotton material equally has tiny pores that makes ventilation and air circulation easy. It's also quite breathable and is the most coveted underwear online in Australia. Their comfy nature is top-notch and resistant to heat, detergents, and even bleach which make it durable.

Nylon Fabric 

After cotton, nylon is the next go-to for underwear material. They have an upper edge over cotton when it comes to colored fabrics The fabric is quite smooth in terms of its texture and has great abrasion-resistance, perhaps one of the reasons why it is utilized in swimwear and swim costumes. The nylon fabric has low penetrability which makes it easy for it to dry off fast. This makes it suitable for those who sweat too much. It is also a great choice of fabric for gymnasts or people who naturally love exercising. 


Polyester is generally mixed with regular fibers like cotton that aids in pulling together the fibers. Polyester offers a swish and soft feel. Men underwear made from this material often feels quite soft and comfy on the skin. These undergarments made from this material are more suitable for bathing suits and tend to last longer than normal lingerie.


The silky texture of this material offers a deluxe feel down there. The comfy feeling from this soft texture can make one wear them all day with no complaint. Perhaps the insulin it is made out of makes it different from the others. It is good to wear underwear made out of the silk material during winter because they are extremely warm and comfy. There are so many designs which can be rocked all day because they are comfy and breathable.