See-Through Shirts Are Taking Over – Here’s What You Need To Know

Fashion trends change with every season. While some trends come back from yester years, some are fresh and seen in stores for the first time. Whether it is polka dots, wide bottom pants, ruffle sleeves or see through shirts, knowing the latest style trends helps us pick and choose our wardrobe pieces to suit different occasions.

Though it is not necessary to imbibe every new style that is seen on the runway or in boutiques, having a few statement pieces will show that you care about your clothes and are updated with the latest fashion happenings.

One of the recent trends that has been catching the eye are see-through shirts. These have become a stylish piece for both men and women. Worn as is, or layered with jackets, coats or crop tops and camisoles, over or below it, the see-through shirt is perfect for casual or semi-casual occasions.

Here are certain things you need to know about styling your see-through shirts the right way.

1. Think of the rest of your ensemble

If you are wearing a sheer shirt, it is important what kind of bottoms you put on. Sheer shirts can be paired with denims, dress pants, or even cargos. Women can team these with a skirt or skin-fit pants.

2. Use see-through shirts to give texture to monochrome clothing

Sheer shirts worn over or below a camisole or a plain top of the same color can enhance your top half. You can then use colorful accessories for that splash of brightness to complement a monochrome outfit.

3. Layering for comfort and style

See-through shirts are either completely transparent or semi-transparent. If you are not comfortable showing skin in sheer shirts, layer wisely so you feel less exposed. This will not only make you feel comfortable but also make your outfit more stylish. Jackets, cardigans or blazers look great over see-through shirts and can be worn by women and men both. You may also choose to wear crop tops or bustier bras inside the shirt. This is a great way to show off strappy tops or sports bras.

4. Embellishments and prints on sheer fabric

Embellishments or prints on sheer fabric makes clothing look less transparent and even dressy without showing too much skin. Choose printed sheer fabrics for a nice summery look or embellished shirts for a party.

5. Bold color blocking

You can choose to draw attention away from the sheer fabric, if you wish, by teaming it up with bold colored skirts, pants, and jackets. This will ensure that your see-through shirt is not the only thing noticeable.

6. Choose pieces that don’t overexpose

If you do not feel comfortable with your skin being seen through the sheer shirt, you can choose pieces that are opaque in certain parts and transparent in others, like the sleeves. Layered pockets on sheer shirts also cover your body where you want them to. Choose lingerie wisely so that you do not draw attention where it is not needed.