10 Things Men Should Know About Boxers

Underwear is one of the most important clothing for all of us. While most women attach great importance to this, it is often very low on the list of priorities for men. An exception is predominantly gay men. Some underwear brands have recognized this and specialize precisely in this group.

Choosing the right boxers is about hygiene, comfort, the look and occasionally the sexual charisma.

The man and his boxers

Why does the majority of all men care so little about their boxers? Choosing them doesn't cost a lot of money or time. Perhaps advice would be good for men, but they seem to be resistant to it. Even men, in partnership with a woman, don't ask them if they can help them buy boxers.

The recent surveys show: 80% of all men buy their underpants themselves. Some of them even love it.

Prominent advertising media contributed to this: Mark Wahlberg shows himself in men’s briefs from Calvin Klein, and David Beckham is advertising media for H&M. That apparently spurred sales of men's underwear. Modern men today have an average of 23 underpants, and the trend is rising. However, there are also (older) men who have been wearing the same underwear shape from the same brand for 30 years now.

Today's innovative boxers fit much more perfectly, impress with a pleasant fitting and prove to be a real all-rounder in everyday life. What do you need to know about boxers as a man? Here are my 10 tips.

Tip number 1: which is better: cotton or the modern synthetic fiber?

Amazing but true: The synthetic fiber has long since overtaken the good old cotton underpants in terms of hygiene and comfort. The reason is purely physical. Cotton is characterized by the essential property of being able to absorb up to 60% of its own weight in moisture. This is quite valuable for some outerwear, but not in the case of underpants: The moisture generated below contains the odors of male urine and sweat in the crotch, and pure cotton underpants bind them there.

The modern material mix of polyester, elastane and polyamide in combination with viscose and cotton, on the other hand, breathes better and is also lighter. It quickly absorbs the body fluids, and then it quickly lets them evaporate on the outside. However, it depends on the brand of synthetic fiber. Lycra is a spandex brand and these underpants “work” well.

Some polyester, on the other hand, is not spun fine enough and has a rather suboptimal texturing. Good polyester underpants are characterized by their honeycomb structure. Due to the increased breathability, this prevents excessive sweating. At the same time, hollow fibers wick away moisture. This is how microfiber towels work, which dry very quickly.

Quality underpants for men have their price: The cheap boxers from the textile discount store made of 100% polyester have no high-quality honeycomb structure. This can be found more in the functional underwear of the well-known brands, which also offer outdoor underwear for hikers, for example. This is not exactly cheap, but the reward is a significantly increased comfort without smells.

Tip number 2: How expensive can men's boxers be?

Every second man pays close attention to the price of his underwear. Again, this determination comes from the consumer focus “textile economy”. Boxers for men can now be incredibly cheap, and textile discounters sometimes throw them away in packs of five. These are the very cheap laundry items described above, which are not very useful.

In the end, you can see and smell cheaply very quickly: After half a day of wearing, the pants give off a clear olfactory mark, and after a few months they are washed out, holey and worn out. This is not only unsanitary and unaesthetic but also unhealthy. The fabric of a pair of underpants lies close to our skin. We should pay attention to what we're doing to ourselves. When it comes to price, the right compromise may be crucial, because branded underpants can cost more. You need to know if they are worth it to you.

Tip number 3: which pant shape do you like?

Every man knows that boxers should fit very comfortably. Around 60% of all men state that they also want to look good or sexy in their underwear, which in turn is achieved through a good, tight but not restrictive fit. It all depends on the shape of the boxers. A thin man can easily carry the low-rise trunk, which fits lower as a boxer short.

Tip number 4: wash boxers

There is still a rumor that boxers must always be washed at 60°C. It expressly does not have to, at least not if it consists of a more modern fiber. The 60 ° should kill all germs, but synthetic fibers such as polyester and polyamide are resistant to bacteria.

Therefore 30 - 40°C is really sufficient for washing: the underpants last longer this way. If you have to wash the laundry very often because you only wear it for half a day because of excessive sweating, you should alternatively use functional underwear for outdoor and sports use. Here silver ions are woven in, which bind the smells. You can wear these boxers a little longer.

Tip number 5: Does it have to be organic cotton?

Organic cotton is produced sustainably – this topic permeates the entire clothing market. Organic cotton is initially only about growing cotton without pesticides, genetic engineering and chemical fertilizers. Like all organic products, this cotton is simply healthier. Allergy sufferers even swear by it. There are also fairly produced and traded clothing. This takes care of the working conditions in producing countries. You only pay a few cents more for such boxers, but you're doing a good job.

Tip number 6: colors and patterns

I would like to go into this in more detail once again. You can almost always wear black, white, blue and gray boxers. If it should be patterns, simple and classic checks work in every situation. You can wear comic prints and wild patterns under 30 – with string briefs and latex you emphasize certain sexuality.

Tip number 7: when should you dispose of boxers?

• If it is frayed

• If it gets too tight for you

• If it has holes

• When the cuff is irrevocably worn out

• When certain stains cannot be washed out

• When the original color is completely washed out

Tip number 8: how often should you change your boxers?

No question: every day, of course! Even functional underwear that smells little is unsanitary when worn for long periods.

It can also happen that you change your underwear twice a day on hot days with lots of exercises. This has not only a hygienic but also a health reason: fungi and bacteria settle in certain underpants with a high cotton content (but hardly in synthetic fibers). If that happens, the disease threatens. You notice the first symptoms of red spot disease in the crotch.

Tip number 9: the size of a pair of underpants

Unfortunately, the size descriptions for underwear are confusing.

Corresponding sizes are:

• Size 3: XS or 46

• Size 4: S or 48

• Size 5: M or 50

• Size 6: L or 52

• Size 7: XL or 54

• Size 8: XXL or 56

Warning: the sizes of some brands sometimes vary a little.

Tip number 10: the comfort of the boxers

The good fit unfortunately sometimes collides with comfort. Loose-fitting boxer shorts are particularly comfortable thanks to their wide fit, soft material and elastic waistband. They have a slit at the front that you can button up. You shouldn't choose them too big; otherwise, they will be visible under the jeans. They are also available in extra length, and then they are suitable for sleeping pants.

Some boxer shorts are cut close (or "skin-tight"). With a high waistband they are called boxer briefs, with tight legs and a hip cut they are retro pants or trunks. These go with everything but are not quite as comfortable anymore. Then there are the tight underpants that some men still wear to emphasize their beautiful body and masculinity. Learn more about men’s underwear.

The above tips will help you all boys out there when finding some good boxers. Do you have any other tips that men should look for when buying boxers? Share them with us in the comments.