5 Ways to Style a Bodysuit

Bodysuits are a woman’s ultimate styling weapon to cinch up her waist and play up her curves with bold notes of sensuality. They slim down the waist with their body-hugging fit and ravish our curvature with their fitted appeal. Needless to say, it is an incredibly versatile garment that serves many purposes in a woman’s wardrobe.

These versatile delights are incredibly chic and fashion savvy. You can style them up in dozens of ways with nearly all the clothing staples you own. If denim and shorts are your usual preference, bodysuits are a definite must-have. You can flaunt them on a wide range of occasions, be it a casual day out or a hot date. These are highly recommended for parties and club-hopping sprees with your girls!

Basically, a bodysuit is an excellent choice for all tucked-in statements that slim up your waist and highlight your curves. Once you start flaunting bodysuits, you would never want to invest in shirts or tops. In this article, we will walk you through our favorite style statements to wear a bodysuit.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. High-Waist Bottoms

Bodysuits make an excellent companion for high-waist bottoms, be it denim jeans, pants, shorts, skirts or more. You see, both high-waist bottoms and bodysuits serve the purpose of slimming down the waist. When paired together, they create the perfect combination for a form-fitted and flattering look. It will slim down the waist and play up the sensuality of your curves with a bold composure.

You can explore a wide range of variety in this look. For instance, for a charming streetwear look, pair up your bodysuit with high-waist jeans. You can always top it off with a leather or denim jacket. High-waist shorts are an excellent match for a bodysuit for casual evenings with friends or visits to the mall.

If you want to create a more dapper statement, pair them up with sharply tailored wide-leg pants. You can make this statement sophisticated by picking out a black bodysuit in silk or velvet. Silk is always a better choice for layering, especially if you want to seal the statement with a blazer or jacket.

This statement also allows ample room for color contrasting and overlapping quirky patterns to brighten your look. For instance, you can pair up a neutral bodysuit with gingham pants or even plaid. Black leather high-waist jeans will give your bodysuit a voguishly bold appeal!

2. Skirts Galore!

Skirts offer the same amount of versatility as a bodysuit, and this statement allows you to explore an abundance of chic looks. There is a skirt for every occasion, and when paired with a bodysuit, you can create a new look each time. This is a remarkable opportunity to play up your fancy embellished maxi skirts or your rowdy miniskirts.

For instance, you can give your bohemian maxi skirts a sensual appeal and pair them up with a neutral bodysuit. You can always seal the look with a lace or a silk blazer, gently grazing your shoulders. If you’d like a casual look, you can pair up your denim skirt with a neutral bodysuit and a denim jacket.

Pencil skirts are a fabulous trick to play up the curve-flattering appeal of bodysuits to work. Now, here is the perfect idea to get away from monotonous pantsuits and flaunt your femininity with pride. The best part is, you won’t even break the formal dress code required in the office.

You simply have to play up a neutral bodysuit as the lowermost layer of your outfit. It will slim down your waist, allowing the pencil skirt to flatter your curves to a serious hilt. Now, you have the option to seal the look with a sharply tailored blazer.

Miniskirts are yet another sassy clothing staple to bring out the best in your bodysuits. This is the ultimate recipe for a sexy and chic nightlife statement. Whether you’re going to a party or a club-hopping spree with the girls. Take out that sexy leather mini-skirt and pair it up with your black or red bodysuit. Be sure to complete the look with a chunky leather belt and knee-high boots!

3. Dungarees and Skirt-alls

Who doesn’t love dungarees? We all enjoy their unparalleled comfort and effortless chicness, and skirt-alls are just as versatile. This statement is the ultimate recipe for an effortlessly chic and simple-to-put-together look. If you’re running late for a casual or semi-formal occasion and want a comfortable yet sassy outfit, it doesn’t get better than this.

Skirt-alls are your perfect pick for a clean and polished look, ideal for semi-formal occasions. You simply have to pair up your bodysuit with a denim skirt-all and voila! You’re good to go. Now, you can always add more to this statement. For instance, you can style it off with a denim or leather jacket. Or even add ankle boots to the look.

If you want to amplify the chicness, we recommend you to pick out a statement bodysuit, one that attracts attention. Accessories are a definite must-have to give it a quirkier appeal. This look is also ideal for casual statements, on-campus outfits, coffee dates, or a movie date with your partner.

Dungarees tend to bother towards a more casual appeal, regardless of whether you’re long pants or shorts. Either way, a bodysuit is a perfect staple to give this otherwise adorable clothing item a sexy makeover. Instead of your basic tee or high-neck, pair up your dungarees with a curve-hugging bodysuit.

It will play up your curves with sassy notes of boldness, creating the perfect outfit for coffee dates, trips to the mall and more.

4. Blazers & Jackets

Bodysuits serve as the perfect base layer to give your waist a form-fitted appeal and highlight your curves. Blazers have a tendency to shroud our curves, but not with a bodysuit! You see, a bodysuit with accentuate your curvature, bringing out the best in your style. There is a plethora of looks to explore in this style for there is no end to the creativity you can enjoy.

Now, this is a remarkable statement to play around with and tailor it to every occasion. For instance, you can use this statement to spice up your workwear wardrobe with a sexy yet elegant look. You simply have to pair up your black bodysuit with a sharply tailored blazer. Then, add in high-waist pants or perhaps a sleek pencil skirt. It will create a crisp and polished look, perfect to slay the board at an important meeting.

For a casual affair with friends or your partner, you can pair up your bodysuit with a distressed denim jacket. Leather jackets are another excellent pick for a bold and sleek, biker gal look. You simply have to pair up your leather jacket with a sleek bodysuit and distressed denim jeans. Ankle boots will be the perfect addition to steal the look with style.

A denim jacket would look romantically feminine when paired with a bright bodysuit and a beautifully printed maxi skirt. This is the ultimate look to channel a ladylike charm, ideal for family dinners, and even semi-formal events.

For a bohemian appeal, pair it up with an embroidered blazer or jacket and complete the look with a floral maxi skirt. You can even flaunt it with ankle pants or distressed denim jeans.

5. Power Suits

Power suits are a woman’s ultimate styling trick to flaunt her feminine sensuality with a bold masculine appeal. And bodysuits are the perfect layering staple to slim down your waist and accentuate the sensuality of your curves. When paired together, the combination is intensely fiery and drop-dead sexy!

Whether you’re dressing up for work, an important meeting, or a formal event. Power suits are the ultimate definition of poise and glamour. However, make no mistake that you need a sharply structured and beautifully tailored suit. A form-fitted suit that highlights your curves instead of shrouding them. We strongly advise you to steer clear of those loose and lanky pantsuits worn by Hilary Clinton!

You need a form-fitted power suit to channel your inner lady boss. Now, you can pair it up with a neutral bodysuit in black, green or even red. A cowl neck bodysuit would be an excellent choice to stir up the drama and stand out in the crowd. Its plunging neckline would play up your power suit with bold notes of sensuality.

This statement can be worn on a lot of occasions, even weddings and festive formals. You simply need to pick out the right festive heels and be sure to accessorize the look with heaps of sparkle.

We sincerely hope you found our roundup helpful and inspiring. We would like to remind you that when it comes to bodysuits, you need to be a creative risk-taker! This versatile garment can be worn with anything and everything. As long as you are confident in your styling and inventive in pairing up different layers. So, which look are you going to try first?