7 Things Men and Women's Clothes have in Common

Women tend to be more particular and focused on creating elaborate outfits. But make no mistake, men are just as conscious about their clothing choices and outfits.

While many believe that women tend to fuss over styles and trends, there are actually common grounds. There isn’t much difference when it comes to shopping for women’s clothing online or men’s outfits. Essentially, both men and women are looking for quality and valuable purchases.

There are many clothing items and accessories that are common in both, men and women's wardrobes. There are also many trends that both men and women find comfort and style-savvy. In this article, we will walk you through the seven things men and women clothes have in common.

Let’s take a look:

Comfort First

Regardless of how much you adore the following trends, both men and women seek comfort. The basic purpose of clothing is to find comfort in a fabric and style that flatters your form. We can always flaunt an uncomfortable yet glamorous outfit once in a while. But at the end of the day, we want to discard uncomfortable clothing for comfier and snugly outfits.

Both men and women seek clothing items that offer them comfort and a silky touch as the fabric grazes against their skin. Some find comfort in cashmere, while others prefer silk button-downs, pure cotton and merino wool.

Versatile Investments

Here’s another common factor in shopping for men or women’s clothing online: versatility. We all need versatility in our wardrobes to enjoy creativity and immaculate outfits day after day. Both men and women find button-downs and pants extremely versatile.

Black blazers are another versatile item that is super-functional for both the genders. Power suits, briefcases, loafers, belts, and trench coats offer versatility to both the genders and have a universal charm. You see, owning versatile clothing is important for both men and women, as it offers variety and greater utility.

A Love for Shoes

When it comes to shoes, both men and women have their guilty pleasures. Shoes are an important part of any and every wardrobe. Be it a man or a woman, shoes are the ultimate seal to give any outfit a charming dose of finesse. Both men and women harbor a passion for finely crafted leather shoes and comfortable soles.

Women often get more attention to shopping for shoes and women’s clothing online. But exquisitely handcrafted shoes for men tend to cost much more. It’s true that men tend to have the lesser arsenal to play around with, but shoes are definitely their charm secrets.

Leather Adoration

Leather is a significant common ground for both the genders as this fine fabric offers a universal charm. Both men and women want to add leather to their wardrobe. They shop for leather accessories, belts, shoes, briefcases and bags, and of course, sleek leather jackets. Women adore wearing men’s leather jackets as they exude a sharp and bold vibe.

Leather jackets are perhaps one of the most versatile garments that both men and women can share. Leather shoes and beautifully crafted accessories are another clothing item to be shared.


Athleisure is the most powerful clothing revolution of this generation, and both the sexes rejoice its powerful energy. Athleisure apparel, tight-fitted pants, comfortable trainers and graphic t-shirts are outfits we all love.

They exude a dynamic surge of energy that makes us feel and look more active. Both men and women rock athleisure trends to feel more active and drive away those awful Monday blues. Besides, what’s not to love about the vibrant hues and mesh-covered trends? They’re versatile, comfortable and energetic. If you’d like to scoop up some athleisure attire, don’t compromise on the quality and style quotient of a particular fashion line.

Basic White Buttondowns

An extremely versatile and functional investment, both men and women cherish the basic white buttondown. It offers endless utility and can be incorporated into any and every outfit. Women can flaunt them with their tailored pants, pencil skirts, dungarees, jeans, skirts and much more. Men can incorporate them with casual, semi-formal and formal outfits.

You can find form-flattering and chic white button-downs at the best online stores for women’s clothing. They are a definite must-have for any and every wardrobe as they can help create over dozens of outfits.

Affordable Bargains

While women get more excited about sales and tend to mark their calendars, men like sales just as much! Sales and affordable fashion bargains get the attention of both men and women. Who doesn’t like holiday sales and amazing discounts? We all do!

Women may have a tendency to buy something they don’t need just because it comes with a discount. But we cannot assume that sales don’t attract men. All thrifty and money savvy shoppers love affordable bargains, and this is where men and women can find common grounds.

The Final Thoughts

Women may have a reputation to be more obsessed with clothing and women’s clothing online stores but men are equally conscious about their apparel choices and outfits. It is true that women are more likely to be manipulated by advertisements and special offers, but the difference isn’t too grand. Men are more likely to act upon recommendations and scoop up clothing items from sales and discounted prices.

At the end of the day, men and women have much in common when it comes to shopping for clothing. Both seek comfort, quality, and versatility.