How to Incorporate the Boho Trend into Your Wedding

Boho is the short term that people use when they want to refer to something that can be described as bohemian. This particular style became quite popular in the 2000s and is characterized by influences specific to the 60s and the 70s.

As the years have shown, the boho trend doesn’t seem to go anywhere. In fact, it enjoys constant support and a steady fan base.

Moreover, people have gone the extra mile and decided to implement this peculiar yet visually stunning trend into their weddings as well. Nowadays, when searching for wedding dresses online, most women include a boho search tag as well.

Let’s see how you can incorporate this forever-popular trend into your very own wedding!

The Dress

As expected, boho wedding dresses come in a lot of forms and, on top of that, can incorporate both boho and classic elements, for a truly unique look.

The best thing about such dresses is that you can add simple, subtle hints of bohemian magic to them – such as separates, bell sleeves, flowy skirts, and statement lace - without burdening the look of the dress.

The end result is a simple, beautiful dress that does, in fact, impress via the subtle details mentioned above.

The Party

Naturally, the dress is not the only thing that can be boho. Even if you want to go with a classic wedding gown, you still have a lot of other ways through which you can turn your wedding into something boho.

For example, you can make use of headbands or accessories that your guests – or close friends – can wear. On top of that, the whole party can be adorned with floral crowns – for women – and floral ties – for men.

If you want to go full boho – literally, you can ditch the traditional wedding attire and equip everyone there with two-pieces or jumpsuits for bridesmaids or with mismatched formal wear for groomsmen.

The Venue

Given the popularity of this trend, many venues that you come across will be able to fit – one way or another – the boho theme that you want.

As such, when it comes to outdoor weddings, we recommend botanical gardens, beaches, national parks, or even open fields. On the other hand, indoor ceremonies are made truly boho with the help of an art gallery, museum, or an industrial space that can be transformed and turned into something boho.

In terms of boho elements to decorate your venue, you can rely on mixed metals, statement furniture, and the usual bistro-style string lights!

The Bottom Line

Given that bohemian stands for a socially unconventional person, you could plan your wedding your very own way, to be honest!

However, for it to be truly boho, you need some of those elements that made this trend so famous –earth tones, touches of fringe, mixed prints, funky prints, flowy and free fabrics, and flared jeans in case you choose that type of wedding.

In short, incorporating boho into your wedding is probably the easiest thing to do. Still, keep in mind that making all of the elements fit with each other may be quite difficult!