Types of Underwear Every Woman Must Own

Shopping for underwear might not be the most exciting thing to do, but it’s something you know you have to do. With so many options in terms of the design, fabrics, and fit, it is quite overwhelming to pick the right underwear for you. There are plenty of things you would need to consider before picking up your undergarments. For instance, you would need to make sure your underwear makes you feel comfortable, it stays in the right place, it isn’t evidently visible under the clothes, and doesn’t make you rob a bank.

Womens’ Underwear: A Myriad of Options

When it comes to women’s’ underwear, there is certainly an infinite amount of option that can tempt to spend your money on. From swimwear to sportswear, there are plenty of panty options that you can stroll through. Whether you are searching for underwear online or getting it from an offline shop, you need to be aware of the types of panties that you are possibly going to brainstorm with.

Each panty has its own purpose and style that makes it different from the others. Below is the list of best picks that you can certainly choose according to your style, preference, and comfort. Read on to explore perfect undergarment for you.

Seamless Briefs

If you are looking for a comfortable brief that also provides seamless coverage, you can go for these seamless briefs. These panties come with satin trim and have a high cut giving modest coverage.

Boy Shorts

As the name suggests, boy shorts are just a feminine alternative of boxers. It offers complete coverage to your booty with a boxy fit. Unlike your regular panties that are quite above the hip, boy short lie little below the hip.

Bikini Panties

These are the part of fancy beach clothes list that generally people buy for the swimming endeavours. They are generally soft and comes in delicate fabrics such as satin, jersey, silk, etc. They fall somewhere between briefs and thongs and provides moderate coverage.


Hipster is a blend of bikini and boys' shorts. The waistband of the hipster sits above your hips and some inches below your waist. It has low cut leg holes and is extremely body-hugging. You can choose from a variety of fabric according to your comfort.


A compressor is something that provides panty and shapewear in one. It makes women's life a lot easier. If you use shapewear on a regular basis, then you must definitely shift to compressors. They provide you with full coverage and tuck your tummy in without making you feel uncomfortable about it.

Providing comfort, confidence and hygiene, your underwear is the most important part of your clothing. It is essential to choose the right panty that adhered to your requirements and serve the specific purpose as well. The above mentioned were some of the popular panties for women among which you can pick the perfect one for yourself.

If you are also on a shopping spree for undergarments, then take the above list into consideration before buying your ideal underwear.