Dos and Don’ts of Winter Fashion!

So, it’s the favorite season of almost all women. Fall and winter are two seasons that are ideal for you to show off and let everyone know what your fashion style is. In winter, you can stay warm as well as look trendy and chic. Enjoy the cold weather by putting on as many layers as you want.

Let's take a look at some winter dos and don’ts for fashion so that you look good:

●    Choose the Right Number of Layers

A lot of women think that sacrificing their comfort and warmth for a trendy and fashionable look is okay. They couldn’t be far from the truth. Going for a skimpy look so as not to look frumpy is a cardinal sin of winter style. You have to choose wisely, whether it’s winter, summer, or fall. It doesn’t mean that you need to put on layer upon layer of sweaters, jackets, or tights to keep you warm. Select the ideal number of clothes that’ll keep you warm and comfy while maintaining a sense of fashion. It will make sure that you don’t need an hour and a half to put on clothes when you go outside or take them off when you come inside.

●    Wear A Few Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are not only good for showing your style and preference. They are also essential for keeping you warm. Choose these items carefully, with winter in mind, and you’ll never go wrong—ever. We all know that black-is-gold in winter. Invest in either black or neutral colors that complement the overall look.

●    Don’t Over Accessorize

Selecting, buying, and wearing accessories is always a lot of fun. The main thing is to make sure that you don’t overdo the whole accessorizing thing. Combining accessories with your winter clothes can make you stand out and look unique as long as you don’t bury yourself in jewelry. Use your jewelry in moderation, and you can ensure that you look fresh and hip all the time. Choose your statement pieces wisely. Find out how you look in each combination before putting it on.

●    Black Is Not the Only Color

Fine. We get it. Black looks elegant and classy. But that doesn’t mean that you ignore all the other colors out there. You can add different colors to your wardrobe that work wonders in the winter like emerald green, burgundy, charcoal gray, and more. Also, make sure that you mix and match. No need to wear the same color outfit. You can find affordable women dress tops online to pair with your black pants. You can also choose to wear patterns if you want or go for a brightly colored bag, shoes, or even tights.

●    Count the Layers

Layering is a good thing, and in the winter, it’s necessary. But putting on too many layers can make you look like a pile of walking, talking laundry. Here’s a great formula to make sure that’s not you. When putting on three or more layers on top, make sure that the bottom part is lean and skinny. It will balance your whole outfit out and leave you looking trendy while keeping you warm and comfy.

●    Opt For A Cozy and Chic Coat

Most women think that winter is all about putting on lots of layers of clothing and sacrificing their looks for it. That is entirely untrue. You don’t have to do that as you can choose a soft and comfortable coat or a jacket that can keep your body warm as well as looking like a million bucks. You can rock with a pair of your favorite jeans and cowboy boots. That’s not all. You can go for a million different combinations.

●    Stay As Far Away From Pajamas As You Can

We all understand that getting out of bed is hard in the winter. Doubly so, if you don’t have anything to wear. So, make sure that you have decided what you’re going to wear even before winter starts so that you’re not stuck with your pajamas all through the winter. No matter how comfortable and cozy they look, they’re not. A better choice is a warm pair of leggings.

●    Add Some Pizzazz to Black

Okay, so you want to wear all black for the winter? That’s fine. Black does look good. Just make sure that you don’t sacrifice your figure and buy whatever comes in front of you first. Jackets and coats are necessary, but they can be mixed and matched with slim-fitting pencil skirts or a pair of jeans with bomber jackets.

●    Use Black as a Canvas

If you decide to wear all black, then instead of sticking to the same top to bottom black strategy, use black as a canvas. Add a single statement piece like shoes, clutch, or jewelry to show off against all the black. It will look trendy and ensure that your statement piece gets a lot of attention and makes the statement that it was supposed to make.

Whatever you do, remember that dressing up is supposed to be fun. So don’t let all these dos and don’ts control you. Once you are on the up and up with these rules, choose to break them whenever you want and dress unique.