Different Ways to Style Kurta Pajamas

Indian men have traditional attires that they adorn to on various occasions. One of them is a Kurta pajama that gives comfort and style and this is what all men aim for. The kurta pajamas could be called the right outfits for most men in India. It is among the common male traditional outfits just as the Jodhpuri suit, Sherwani among others. Although their ethnic choices are limited compared to women's clothes. Theirs are straight to the point outfits mostly used for festivals and other celebrations. A kurta pajamas combination has a lot of benefits and you can blend them well with various designs and have a unique outfit. Below are some of the different ways you can style a kurta pajama and wear it to parties, Sangeet ceremonies, and many others.


Churidar, Dhoti and Jodhpuri pants are some common pants you can style your kurta pajama. With churidar, they are a classic combo and bring out an ethnic look to your attire. These pants are tight-fitting and blend well if their color matches the kurta. The Dhoti pants with kurta are a perfect choice for wedding ceremonies and other festivals to fit in with the traditions for it is 100% ethnic garb. Dhotis are found in various tones and choose one that matches well with your kurta pattern to have a flow in your outfit. Additionally, the Jodhpuri pants they look quite modern and are comfortable tight-fitted trousers. Pairing up with these pants gives you a royal look to any event you attend.

Asymmetrical and side slit kurta

Indian men look ravishing in these two ways of styling a kurta. The asymmetrical one offers an edgy side to the wearer due to its high low patterned cut. When they are asymmetrical they look elegant paired with churidar and this look is for bold and daring men. The kurta with a side slit is an absolute modern look that you can match with your partner when she adorns the long Kurtis with front cut if you are attending cocktails or wedding events together, to showcase some realistic couple fashion goals. This kurta pattern is perfect when it is in contrasting colors with the bottoms you choose. And churidar is the ultimate choice for this kurta pattern as well for it gives a perfect finish.

Jacket and shirt style Kurta

This look stands out when you add on an ethnic jacket to your plain Kurta look. Also, it is perfect for any event you would love to attend as long as the color of your jacket suits your kurta. To give it the boost it deserves and to show the two-piece garb blended into one. The shirt kurta is another styling tip to style this outfit for they are a great casual look that is very comfortable. Pair with denim and wear them as everyday wear and also to semi-formal occasions. Ensure your shirt style Kurta is a perfect fit to look good on you. Add a brooch, pocket or throw on a dupatta to complete this look and make your shirt kurta pop.

The cowl shape and pathani look kurta

These two styling options are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe to give you more choices of different kurtas to wear. The cowl kurta can be with a jacket or not. It can also be draped and the cowl pattern can be at the hem or over half the kurta. The cowl pattern gives your outfit a unique look and works perfectly when paired with fitting pants of contrasting colors. Maroon, grey and peach, green, blue are some common colors that are designed for this cowl kurta. Another wardrobe add on, is the pathani kurta that has unique hem cuts for wedding and party occasions that are worn with a salwar. The dark-colored ones are the best to get a ravishing look especially with a perfect choice of footwear you become a head-turner in this kurta.

Floral and geometrical print Kurtas

Not all men love prints on their outfits especially floral prints. But, not Indian men and their kurta collection. This is another way to style a kurta and it is for the bold and fashionable Indian male. It can be paired with your light-colored churidar and are best adorned during daytime events. The kurta florals can be scattered or all over the kurta. The geometrical prints are also in aligned or just random prints on the kurta. Choose the unusual colors like pink, lemon yellow and rust for this style kurta pajama and have another unique kurta style in your wardrobe.

Kurtas with thread or mirror work

Get a kurta styled with either thread work or mirror work. Optionally you can tell your designer to have both on the same kurta. They both make the kurta stylish and classic. However, you can have the thread work kurta as well especially if you are not a fan of embellishments. Add a neck detail pattern to avoid making it too plain and simple. Mirror work kurtas are simple and good looking especially when the kurta is of a light color. You can attend formal events with this kurta and other traditional events for it is an all-rounder.

In summary, Kurta pajamas are easy to style and have several ways how you can style them to boost your look. Have a collection of various styling options that you can get and pair them up with bottoms that you already have in your wardrobe. Other bottoms like the straight-fit pants are perfect for those who want a change from the traditional look. This is a great indo-western look that can also be worn for office events. Just ensure that they complement each other perfectly to avoid having a wardrobe malfunction. Also, denim can be another way to style a kurta. Wearing it as denim on denim look is a classic outfit to adorn to as a casual piece. Look impeccable with this look and style it in various ways.