How to find fashionable gifts they’ll use this season

Love it or hate it, it’s that festive time of the year again; Christmas. The anxious among us are likely scrambling to think of gifts for our friends and family members, while our confident readers probably have their shopping lists compiled and ready to go. Whatever situation you’re in, it doesn’t hurt to get a little holiday gifting advice from one of the fastest-growing fashion editorials on the internet.

So to help you out, we’ve put together a list of fashion trends and tips that will help you choose the perfect gifts this season. Of course, if your recipient isn’t very trendy or doesn’t care much for fashion and style, then you might want to consult a more general list instead!

When in Doubt, Gift Something Functional

Picking a gift is easy once you put yourself in your recipient’s shoes and ask yourself “what item would they actually use?”

Could they do with some new cutlery? Maybe they’d like something edible to satisfy their sweet tooth. Or perhaps something wearable to keep the chilly weather at bay? There are plenty of practical gifts you can give to someone, but you can kick it up a notch by picking a more personal Christmas gift.

No, we’re not talking about custom Christmas sweaters. They’re overdone, stylish for only a few days and certainly not something you’ll wear once the festive season is over. Personalizing them can be a memorable moment with a few good laughs, but there are plenty of other customizable wearables that can make a bigger impact.

One of the best ones to choose is a scarf. This luxuriously soft pashmina scarf can be personalized with the birth flower of your choice, creating a sentimental and wearable gift that isn’t tacky or boring. Of course, a scarf isn’t the only personalizable wearable that makes a great gift. You can always choose other clothing items and accessories for both him and her, but what makes a scarf great is that it’s just in time for the chilly winter season. We also recommend jewelry gifts such as a birthstone necklace. They’re subtle, they don’t reek of other tacky personalised gifts and like scarves they’re accessories, meaning very wearable with everyday outfits even once the holiday season ends.

In short, the golden rules for personalised gifts are simple; make it functional so that your recipient actually uses it and don’t make the personalisation too blatant. If you include their name, birthday or a cheesy message, then it’s probably never going to be worn and you might put your friendship at risk. You’ve been warned.

Transcending Style Barriers and Focusing on Wearability

We’ve all got those friends that refuse to wear anything that isn’t in their personal style dictionary. Whether it’s returning anything with a price tag over $50 or hesitating to touch a piece of clothing that didn’t come from a boutique store, everyone has their own vice and there’s no changing that.

This is why it’s important to identify what your recipient likes in terms of fashion. For instance, gifting someone a Forever 21 gift card when they rock Moschino and Balenciaga in their day-to-day rotation might get you some strange looks and an awkward smile as they accept your present. Conversely, giving someone an expensive Gucci belt to go with their Walmart jeans is probably going to make them look and feel uncomfortable. If you can pick something suitable for their tastes, then it’ll make giving a trendy and fashionable gift much easier.

But there’s a better alternative, one that transcends the barriers of style preferences and works every time to give your recipient something they’ll actually wear.

Focus on wearability.

Look; no matter how fashionable or plain you might think you are, there are some basic pieces that everyone wears and no one can argue about. Take pyjamas for example; they’re soft, comfortable and not designed for other people to see. Giving pyjamas as a Christmas gift might seem like a strange idea, but when your recipient realizes how great they feel to lounge around in, they’ll think of you every time because you were the one that thought of it as a gift. There are plenty of places to get luxury loungewear but do expect to pay a pretty penny if you truly want something that exceeds expectations. 

Likewise, there are some basic everyday-wear items that make great presents. For instance, shirts are worn by everyone and as long as you focus on neutral colors, minimal branding and some universally-acceptable designs, they can make a fantastic gift for anyone. If you’re feeling brave, add a bit of their personal style or interests to it. Just don’t go too far and start buying shirts of their favorite TV shows unless you’re certain they’ll wear it proudly.

Wearable items don’t even have to be clothing pieces. They could be accessories such as a charming wallet, simple jewelry such as chains and bracelets, or even hair clips for a friend that uses them regularly. There are lots of little accessories and small pieces that won’t affect your style drastically, but can still be used in everyday outfits because of how practical, neutral and acceptable they are.

These are the secrets to picking a wearable gift that transcends any kind of style barrier.

Some Final Words

Picking out a gift is never easy, so don’t get too upset or frustrated if you still haven’t reached a conclusion. Don’t think of it as being indecisive; think of it as caring a bit too much about what your recipient will think of your gift.

To conclude, focus on being as inoffensive and acceptable as possible with a trendy or fashionable gift. Focus on wearability, focus on practicality, and try to avoid diving too deep into their interests. If all else fails; ask them what they want.