How to Create a Streamlined Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are nothing new. They are great for making the most out of your clothing and getting as much wear out of individual pieces as possible. Some people are minimalists who love having as few items of clothing in their wardrobe as possible. While others can’t resist that cute dress or those cool jeans, and end up filling their home with beautiful yet often never worn clothes. A capsule wardrobe is an excellent solution for people who find they have so many clothes but never anything to wear. This article will show you how you create an effective, streamlined capsule wardrobe.

Basics Don’t Need to Be Basic

Many capsule wardrobe enthusiasts can’t stress enough the need for a few essential basics that create the foundation of most outfits. They often give examples such as a plain white t-shirt or a little black dress. While some people might find that these items match their personal style very closely, basics can often just be unnecessary padding to your wardrobe. Not everyone wants to look simple or chic – some want to appear bold, unique, or eccentric. Basics for these types of capsule wardrobe can be much wilder and tailored to your needs – Garment printing can offer unique clothes that bring out the personality in your basics, so they aren’t as plain. Wardrobe staples should work for you no matter what your style – find your favorites and make them your outfit foundations.

Quality is Key

A capsule wardrobe is meant to make getting dressed easier. This isn’t possible when too many poorly made items go through the laundry once and come out with ripped seams or faded dye. The point of a capsule wardrobe is to have fewer items, which means you can repurpose your clothing budget and, instead of buying many low-quality items from fast fashion brands, you can invest in higher quality in just a few pieces. Your clothes will last longer and most likely be more comfortable due to better materials and fit.


Knowing your own lifestyle needs is important when it comes to owning the right collection of shoes. It’s rare that someone is lucky enough to only ever need a single pair that suit every aspect of their life. If you aren’t much of a party animal, don’t waste money or closet space on sparkly heels. You could also try to overlap the purposes of different shoes, such as a pair of sneakers for the gym and for hanging out with friends.


Having entirely separate sets of outfits for different seasons might seem sensible at first. However, spending money on clothing that can’t be used for months at a time isn’t particularly efficient. If you live somewhere with a fairly consistent climate, you’ll know what’s best for your wardrobe. If your location experiences hot summers and cold winters, however, there’s a better way of preparing yourself than simply dividing your wardrobe into distinct sections. First, find a good set of summer staples that make it easy to endure the heat. Keep most of these for your winter wardrobe but layer on top of them with thicker materials and warmer accessories. You’ll have more room in your closet without all the extra items.