How to Choose the Best Design for Your Own Bum Bag

Say you are going to the gym or for a jog or walk and you do not know how to carry your phone or other small personal items with you. Well, you could use a bum bag. Bum bags are small bags on belts that are worn around the waist, across the chest, or above the shoulders. They are also referred to as fanny packs. These bags have become must-have accessories due to their versatility, comfort, and for the fact that they come in various styles and are universal. They also come in unisex styles favouring both men and women.

When it comes to choosing the best design for your bum bag, here are some things that you should keep in mind:

Choose the material

You need to consider the material that you want your bum bag to be made of. There are several materials that you can choose from including fabric like cotton or polyester as well as materials like leather, canvas, and many others. The choice of the material for the bag is influenced by factors like the clothes you intend to wear together with the bum bag, for example, a leather jacket to go with a leather bag. Your choice of material could also be influenced by the items you need to carry in the bum bag since you need a strong material such as leather for heavier or precious materials such as mobile phones.

Select the style for your bag

Your intended users or recipients of the bum bag will dictate the style that you choose for it. As earlier stated, these bags tend to be unisex. but some could appeal more to women, like those which hang on the shoulders. You will also decide on the shape, size, and other aspects. The best thing is that you can avoid the stress of coming up with the design of your bum bag by working with leading bag manufacturers like Rocketbags who will take up the responsibility of getting a design that suits your needs.

Decide on the colours and branding

Your choice of colour is guided by the corporate colours of your business, aesthetic aspects, and other factors. You can go for colours that are on the signage, website, or marketing materials like brochures of your business. At the same time, you must decide on the branding that you will have on the bum bags. You can choose to include your business logo or name printed in beautiful letters. As you choose the colour of your bag, you need to consider the colours of your logo so that they not lost in the background colours. Choose contrasting colours for the background and the logo or branding message so that they stand out.

Proof the artwork and approve production

Before approving the production of the bum bags, mostly for promotional purposes, you should carefully examine the artwork and check the details to ensure that it meets your expectations. Once fully satisfied or after the implementation of any changes you have suggested, you can then approve the production of the optimal number of bags. You need to order reasonable quantities so that you can enjoy some benefits of producing a sizable batch, but you should also be cautious not to produce so many that you are left with lots of old stock.

Choosing the best design for your bum bag should not be a tough task if you engage reliable bag makers. You should have earlier decided on several aspects like the material, colour, and the style of the bag so that the manufacturer just assists in turning the design into reality or improve on it as well as producing the final product after your approval.