Best Foot Forward – Shoe Basics

If you love shoes, you will want to take the best care of your sole buddies, so they last longer and give you joy for longer too. Many shoe addicts can agree that there is never enough space for all your coveted pairs of shoes.

But have you ever considered that less is more? Have you thought of investing in a handful of high-quality shoes that are designed for ultimate comfort and longevity? If not, you may have to part ways with wardrobe space to house your shoes.

Designer Items

The best wardrobe staples one can own, is a decent pair of formal loafers or heels and classic comfortable sneakers. Investing in a pair of designer shoes in both these categories are an absolute must.

For the ultimate pair of kicks, you cannot go wrong with a pair of ASICS Tiger, classic but retro and super fashionable. The ASICS Tiger brand has incorporated ultra-comfortable gel technology, so now not only can you look cool but be comfortable too! The Japanese brand strives for the iconic style you grew to love in the 90s (how vintage) and make them super comfortable too with their gel technology you have come to appreciate in sneakers.

Besides your sneakers, you will need a pair of designer formal shoes. Whether they are heels or lace up shoes, you will want something eye-catching and flashy. These shoes can take any outfit from plain to fabulous by pairing them with any ensemble.

You will want to keep your shoes in tip-top condition. Whether your shoes cost a small fortune or were bargain buys, keep your shoes in great shape and condition in order to wear them longer.

Shoe Care

Shoe care is made up of a few elements, from storage to actual cleaning and polishing. Firstly, you will want to store or keep your shoes in boxes or storage solutions that will preserve the look and feel of your shoes.

Using boxes for shoes and stacking them – one on top of the other – is the ultimate way to store your shoes so they do not damage each other. Take a photo of the shoes in the box and attach it to the box so you can find the shoes you want quickly and efficiently.

Take care of your leather shoes by using proper products, leather food or polish will not only enhance your precious shoes but extend their shelf life. Waxing or buffing your shoes regularly will also diminish water marks and keep them water resistant for those rainy days.

Shoe horns are also a great investment for your shoes, as they keep the shape of the shoe intact. If you are feeling the pinch of new shoes that may be too tight in places resulting in blisters, there are various ways you can stretch them out without damaging them.

Foot Functionality

Wearing a good quality sports sock or cotton socks with your shoes or boots can not only keep your feet comfortable but healthy too. Synthetic materials may make your feet sweat, slip about and cause unwanted odors in your shoes. Spend the extra money on good socks to get the best out of your shoes!

If you have feet that are painful in places, you may need insteps or certain foot support structures. Visit your doctor or podiatrist if wearing shoes are a painful experience. It is extremely important to look after your feet and treat painful ailments as soon as you are able to. There is no need to suffer.

Your Best Foot Forward

If you love your shoes, you should love your feet! There are various ways you can keep your feet looking, feeling and smelling great. Keeping your feet healthy are the cornerstone of keeping your shoes in great nick!

If you have itchy, red and smelly feet, use over-the-counter ointments, sprays or creams to get rid of what might be the common ailment of athlete’s foot. If this condition does not clear up within two weeks, visit your doctor for a proper diagnosis and medication. You may want to purchase new socks and keep them sterilized while you are treating your feet.

Avoid hang nails or in-grown toenails by giving yourself a proper pampering pedicure monthly or indulging in having them done to keep your feet in great shape. Adding color for the summer months to show off those pretty sandals or peep-toes too. Similarly, neat, shaped and clean toenails are the ultimate way to put your best foot forward.

Moisturize your feet intensely twice a day if you have dry and cracked heels. If they are very dry and cracked, go to a beauty salon to have them treated initially and purchase the products that will help you keep your feet supple and moisture at home and what a great way to treat yourself.