Black Diamond Bay: De Grisogono Fine Jewelry

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Simply put, there is nothing sexier or more irresistible than a black diamond. A black diamond absorbs light, drawing your eyes to it and holding your interest time after time. Fawaz Gruoisi, the owner of de Grisogono, has just as much charisma as the couture jewelry he creates. Gruosi, who has literally written the book on black diamonds, passion stems from an interest in jewelry. After starting out in 1993 as a small seller in Geneva, Gruosi had the innovative idea to incorporate black diamonds into the brand and began creating his own unique pieces. Inspired by women’s fashions around him, Gruosi told me, “I initially designed jewelry that was quite bold for what was on the market. It was shocking to people.” His risks paid off!

I am an avid supporter of de Grisogono and know that when I use their jewelry for a photo shoot or on a celebrity, it will stand on its own as a distinctive piece. The pieces the brand creates have versatility and exclusivity; none of the jewelry is mass-produced, so a buyer can rest assured she will be one of the only women to own the piece. Gruosi prides himself on creating a brand whose DNA is distinctive. His jewelry has an aesthetic that is deeply founded in a love of luxury and stroke of creative genius.

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