Style On: 8 Coral Pieces You Need Now!

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Buying coral jewelry is one of the best investments any woman can make for her spring/summer wardrobe. Coral is vibrant and versatile; it looks great mixed with gold bangles and chains and complements other statement pieces like turquoise. Aside from its versatility with jewelry, coral can be used to add a much-needed pop of color to an all white ensemble. Your white jeans and blouse will looks great garnished in a rich orange hue or coral.

Here are my 8 favorite coral pieces available now!

Rory McDonough is a freelance stylist and fashion editor. His styling work has appeared in indie mags like Oyster and Russh. He is the fashion editor of the Plum Network where he worked with celebrities such as Naomi Watts and Christy Turlington-Burns. Most recently he worked with stylist B. Åkerlund on Madonna’s halftime performance at the Superbowl.

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