A Couple of Ethnic Chicks Talking Fashion: Oscars 2011

Halle Berry 2011 Oscars

Greetings, readers! The Chicks are weighing in on the 2011 Oscars from both coasts. On the West, we have Bettina, watching from the comfort of a living room in Bel Air; on the East, Susan watching from the comfort of the family room on Park Ave. Two "upscale" Ethnic Chicks talkin' about the Academy Awards, but let's face it: The closest they got to Kodak was an Instamatic camera.

Bettina: I really liked this year's show. I thought the combination of James Franco and Anne Hathaway was much better than any host of recent memory. I loved the opening monologue being turned into a film. And there was the added bonus of Anne Hathaway's costume changes.

Susan: Agreed. When was the last time this broadcast ended prior to midnight? The Ethnic Chicks need their beauty sleep. But let's cut to the chase: Fashion winners and losers, or runners-up, to be kind. For me, the best look of the night was a tie between Annette Bening and Helen Mirren. Both elegant, sleek, and completely individual.

Bettina: To me, it was Jennifer Hudson, hands down, because I feel that she would inspire a lot of people. She looked so slim, confident and feminine, such a huge change (no pun intended) from the first time she was at the Oscar podium. I also loved Halle Berry. She looked like a princess. To me, that was the tie.

Susan: I do have to give it up to the sistahs. They looked gorgeous. I also must note it was a little sad that other than those two, and the clip of Lena Horne, the only color on that stage came from the outfits.

Bettina: There was a lot of diversity—in the dress shapes. Including that hideous Vegas wedding dress on Nicole Kidman.

Susan: Not my favorite look of hers, and what was with the red shoes? Was she going to dance to her death? That was the premise of Black Swan.

Bettina: You didn't see Mila Kunis wearing that. She was dangerously beautiful in those lavender ruffles.

Susan: I beg to differ. Mila's dress was like Joséphine de Beauharnais's nightgown.

Bettina: We differ on a couple of other looks, my ethnic sister. I loved Anne Hathaway's first look.

Susan: Loved the beading on that bodice. The fabric, not so much.

Bettina: She looked like a goddess. And you loved what Cate Blanchett was wearing and I thought it looked like the door to Mann's Chinese Theatre. Only in lavender.

Susan: I loved it and thought it complemented her creamy complexion. I just was happy they all didn't look like they'd gone to the same bias-cut-happy stylist. Speaking of cut: Wanted—the person who butchered Scarlett Johansson's hair!

Bettina: Although it was the perfect foil for Matthew McConaughey's gnarly 'do.

Susan: When bad 'dos happen to good people. And I love Dolce & Gabbana but that dress was a "don't." And let's not leave the men off the firing line.

Why did they make Bardem and Brolin look like extras in a dinner-theater version of Casablanca?

Bettina: The Best Tux award goes to Mark Wahlberg, with special mention to Colin Firth.

Susan: Hear, hear!!! Colin also wins for most gracious speech along with the director and the screenwriter of The King's Speech.

Bettina: But enough substance—back to beauty. Best Comeback look of the evening?

Susan/Bettina: Sandra Bullock!!!! Lick your tattoos, Kat Von D!!!!!!!

Bettina: And Natalie Portman looked gorgeous. She hid the baby bump and rocked the tassel earrings.

Susan: And Penélope Cruz—arriba!!!! She is this generation's Sophia Loren. Brava!

Bettina: All in all, the best Oscars in a long time.

Susan: Here's to being there in person next year.

Bettina: A girl can dream …

Photo: Halle Berry in Marchesa at the 2011 Oscars.