A Couple of Ethnic Chicks Talking Fashion: Naeem Khan

Naeem Khan Fall 2011 runway

As New York Fashion Week wound down, the Chicks decided to go upscale at the Lincoln Restaurant, which is named for art impresario Lincoln Kirstein and not the president with the beard.

Bettina: I was awed by the Naeem Khan show. (Read the full runway review.)

Susan: As was I. Standing-ovation time.

Bettina: The minute the first model came out, I knew it would be perfection. The red sole of her Louboutins matched the red paisley pattern on her dress. It was a coup de théâtre.

Susan: You had to love the red strapless taffeta, which put me in mind of Balenciaga.

Bettina: The second dress, the ink-blot dress, looked like a Rorschach test. To me it said "heaven."

Susan: I was slack-jawed with wonder at those evening gowns.

Bettina and Susan: So many Salahi (crash a White House State Dinner) Specials!!!

The Chicks are eating bread—Fashion Week ovah!!!! A very handsome jailbait waiter with huge blue eyes and caressable hair just brought us our pasta, salad and gnocchi. Did you know we are a couple of ethnic cougars talking about men? But we digress …

Bettina: I loved that there was a silver and a gold cocktail dress. Good go-tos as opposed to black. Even for some black ties.

Susan: I'm not a cocktail-dress girl. It's the evening gowns that got me. Especially number nine: strapless black gown with embroidery.

Bettina: That was one of the Salahi Specials. If you had one dress to choose, which would it be?

Susan: Very hard. But the one I just cited is a classic, and all I can say to the Oscar stylists is: Watch this tape.

Bettina: Naeem loves a woman's body. He makes clothes that flatter. Which one are you going to wear to the Costume Institute?

Susan: The sari-esque, sleeveless chiffon gown—but I haven't been invited.

Bettina: A girl can dream …

Photos: Some of the aforementioned looks on Naeem Khan's Fall 2011 runway.