A Couple of Ethnic Chicks Talking Fashion: Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso fall 2011

The Ethnic Chicks have upgraded to Sant Ambroeus for soup and herbal tea because the sumptuous Dennis Basso collection put us in the mood for something warm. The collection could, in fact, be called “Evening in Gstaad”—or Aspen, for that matter. Or in the new economy, the Poconos …

Bettina: What did you love most?

Bettina and Susan: The chinchilla!!!!!!

Bettina: Shame on you, anti-fur activists, if you destroy those coats!!!

Susan: Amen!!!! I don’t see them pouring paint on the chicken breasts in the supermarket.

Bettina: But we digress.

Susan: I loved some of the below-the-knee, body-skimming mohair dresses like number three. And that Russian Barguzin sable coat (number 25) could almost drive a girl to marry for money.

Bettina: But not quite. And the black, hand-knit cashmere dress (number 40) made me dream of getting a little raclette in a cute bistro in Gstaad.

Susan: Let’s be clear that raclette is a cheese dish, not a guy.

Bettina: Or an act associated with one …

Susan: But we digress again. Bottom line is, the sable took our breath away, no? Oh, and I loved some of the skinny cashmere pants, which we would be busting out of after the raclette.

Our Salahi Special (the dress you would wear to crash a White House State Dinner):

Alas, there wasn't one, unless the White House moves to Saint Moritz.

The Ethnic Chicks Diversity Award goes to the variety of skins, both animal and human.

Photos: The aforementioned looks on Dennis Basso's Fall 2011 runway.