A Couple of Ethnic Chicks Talking Fashion: Bravo, Badgley Mischka!

Badgley Mischka Fall 2011 runway

We come to you today from the local Starbucks, just two ethnic girls talking about fashion. We considered having our meeting at the pop-up nail salon inside the tents because we are the ultimate multitaskers, but there was no room there when we left the beautiful Badgley Mischka show.

Bettina: Gorgeous show. I especially liked the “Upstaging Angelina Jolie” dress. They took the long-sleever she wore to the Golden Globes, made it short, one-shouldered, and tied it with a black velvet bow.

Susan: My favorite was the mink stretch crepe dress because it was both ladylike and va-va-va-voom! And by the way, have you noticed there was some junk in those trunks? The models looked liked they’d had a slice of bread this century.

Bettina: Speaking of junk in the trunk, number 14, the black amethyst taffeta and tulle gown, made me think, My cell phone is in my train, so I don’t need a handbag. And I’m CRAZY about number 16, the midnight satin chiffon gown, because it’s sophisticated, timeless and elegant—oh, and sexy too. Not as crazy about dress number one, a little too “Las Vegas funeral.”

Susan: There was some cha-cha-cha in the collection, like the last dress with the cocarde and cascading ruffles, “Wedding in Marbella,” or “Flamenco, Hoy!” I’ve aged out of that one.

Bettina: And number 25—it’s the “Querida! Tish, That’s French,” sexy Morticia Addams dress.

Susan: Loved the all-out Loretta Young glamour of the entire collection.

Bettina: It was superchic and feminine; the kind of clothes that give a woman confidence.

Susan: They also get the Ethnic Chicks Model Diversity Award.

Our Salahi Special (the dress you would wear to crash a White House State Dinner):

Susan: I’d do that divine quartz crushed velvet and chiffon.

Bettina: You mean the one that looked like an Erte drawing? Divine.

Susan: Yes, who could kick you out in that?

Bettina: Mine was the gold/argent lamé and chiffon gown. Although there may be some concern about upstaging Mrs. Obama’s arms.

Susan: Actually we both agree no one could do that.

Bettina and Susan: Well done, Mark and James!!!!

Photos: Some of the aforementioned looks on the Badgley Mischka Fall 2011 runway.