Market Watch: Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012

New mom Rebecca Minkoff knows her bags. She just gets it. The colors, styles, and shapes (not to mention the reasonable price tags) are what women want. Variety is the spice of life, is it not?

For spring, Minkoff has a slew of styles that her fans will no doubt go wild for. My favorite was a quilted one with a chain—and studs. For the ladylike rocker in all of us. I also really liked the leather fringed bags, but perhaps that's from watching The Doors this weekend. (And yes, that's all I'm listening to on my iPod, in case you were wondering.)

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2012

I got a good chuckle out the astrological bags (they're emblazoned with the various signs in big letters). I need a Leo one, and I have a few picked out for the Capricorns in my life. The bags are adorable and would make for a great gym bag. Just think of the retro pick-up lines you'd get on the subway or the supermarket. Hmm…on second thought, perhaps this isn't the best idea.

The Spring 2012 collection will be in stores starting January.

Photos: Offerings from Rebecca Minkoff's Spring 2012 collection