Market Watch: American Living Holiday 2011

American Living Holiday 2011

Ahh chestnuts roasting, jingle bells jingling—don't you just love the holidays? Oh what's that? It's October? Well you'll forgive me for being seasonally challenged. I went to American Living's holiday preview and it was adorable. If you're looking for accessible (such a nicer word than affordable, no?) presents to stash under your tree, then JC Penney has the goods.

I had to force myself to look only at the womenswear, though the kids' clothes were so cute and sweet. (Dear nephew: I know what I'm getting you, and since you can't read yet, I can blather on in this blog for years!) The red checked midi skirt paired with sexy black boots is perhaps one of my favorite wintertime looks. And the knit outerwear—you know how I love a good sweater—is so perfectly thrown on and casual. Toss it on, sit by the fire, and drink a Hot Toddy. Wow, why isn't it Christmas?

The holiday collection (all under $100!) has a rolling delivery to JC Penney stores beginning in November.

Photo: Offerings from American Living's Holiday 2011 collection