Market Watch: Naeem Khan’s Luxury Faux Fur

faux fur

I love fur. I admit it. But I don’t love the idea of animals being treated poorly. A fashion girl's conundrum, I know. Wear faux, right? The problem is, most faux is so…fake. Very rarely do you find faux that doesn’t look like a little girl’s Halloween costume.

Designer Naeem Khan is looking to remedy this. His new faux line for HSN—for which he partnered with Tissavel Tiger—is a collection of deceptively real-feeling “furs" in a variety of colors. These are pretty darn nice—enough so that even the most fur fanatic (ahem) would wear them.

The prices range from $89.90 for scarves to $999 for jackets and are available come November 2011 on HSN, exclusively. I think I just might have to get one for myself. A changed leaf? Eh, I’m still getting a burger for lunch.

Photos: Naeem Khans luxury faux furs worn over dresses from his main line collection