Market Watch: Ippolita

Ippolita jewelry

Guys, today, I fell in love. Honest to God in love. With rubies. Those of you who know me won't be surprised by this at all. My ruby lust is out of hand. Forget diamonds—there's only one way to my heart, and right now, Ippolita has it.

Imagine a gold ring covered in onyx, garnets, rhodolites, and rubies. COVERED. This baby is not for the delicate-fingered. Personally, I'd wear this in lieu of a solitaire any day.

Ippolita jewelry

Ippolita's fine jewels are at once grand but still quite feminine and pretty—a nice balance. Even the stacked, hammered gold bangles weren't overpowering. Now if only I had the bank account to buy these gorgeous baubles. Oh, one day.

Photos: Ippolita jewelry