Spring 2012: Club Monaco

Are you sitting down? Maybe have a glass of water. Okay, don't panic, but today, I liked something that wasn't black. I know, I'm kind of freaking out too. Club Monaco held its Spring 2012 preview and ladies, you're going to love the season. It's all about layering, polka dots (small ones), and cute dresses and jackets. My favorite piece was a dotted dress in a cream and pale gray with a key-hole neck. Add on a leather jacket for a tougher look or a cardigan for something sweeter.

A navy and white sequined tank dress was nothing but sexy (in the way that I prefer: casual, slouchy, and not trying too hard). And scores of cute tops and printed skirts might just make their way into my closet. Again: no black! Will wonders never cease? Don't worry too much—most of the pieces can be paired with some gloomy item I already own. I am still me after all.

Photos: Offerings from Club Monaco's Spring 2012 collection.