Resort 2012: Botkier

Botkier Resort 2012

It's raining, so that must mean I'm looking at accessories. Really, life does get a wee bit predictable at times, no? Today I trudged out to see Botkier. Alas, I did not miss the downpour.

I've always liked Botkier bags—not the Target collab ones, but the brand's actual line. The leather tends to be well done, the bags interestingly designed. The resort collection is full of bright colors (fuchsias and reds, greens, and blues) as well as some more neutral hues. The most interesting bags were the butterscotch lambskin ones. The material looked more like a waxed linen than lambskin—even after touching I wasn't convinced. But I dig the bag!

Photo: A lambskin bag from Botkier's Resort 2012 collection