Resort 2012: Jen Kao

Jen Kao Resort 2012 collection

Jen Kao’s Fall 2011 collection was tough to the core: leather pants, dark metallic colors, clubby touches straight out of  ‘90s New York nightlife. But for the designer’s debut resort collection, she lightened things up—a lot. 

Kelly green tailored pants? Cheery multi-colored polka dots? Are we lost, or is this really Jen Kao’s studio?

Sure, gears were definitely switched, but Kao’s signature touches, like sexy cutouts and body-con silhouettes, were still there. The collection just had a less moody (and more commercial) bent—a smart movie considering it will stay on sales floors longer than her runway collections.

As for her inspirations, Kao cited “the spirit of the American traveler,” which came through in breezy handkerchief-hem dresses and Native American-inspired, washed out prints. It’s certainly a new side to Kao, and a savvy step to grow her still-young business.

Photo: Looks from Jen Kao's Resort 2012 collection