Market Watch: Kate Moss for Longchamp


I'm always really surprised by how much I like Kate Moss's Longchamp bags. After her Topshop stints, I forgot that the supermodel also does luxury design. Fun fashion? Totally. But soft, supple leather bags that are equally at home in a country house and at Glastonbury? Who knew, right?

Well we all sort of did, but still, it's a pleasant concept to be reminded of when I walk into the Longchamp showroom. For Fall, Moss has two main styles, and were I of unlimited means, I'd get both. They couldn't be any more disparate.


The first one caught my eye from across the room, and really, how could it not? Made from black leather and goat hair, it's begging to be worn ($930). And it went perfectly with my outfit today (not hard because I'm in—wait for it—all black). Such a great rock and roll bag. 

But for a quieter, more elegant look, her classic suede bag in sage, blue, brown, and a slew of other colors, is great for nearly any style or outfit ($830 to $998). They're just slouchy enough, the suede is super-soft, and the hardware adds a bit of edge.

Well done, Ms. Moss.

The bags will be in stores in September.