Market Watch: The Limited


Not to fully date myself, but have you seen the Limited lately? I swung by the showroom to check out the Fall offerings, and let me tell you, these clothes are nothing like the Limited I went to back in Texas as a teen. If they were, I'd probably have better photos of myself.

The clothes are adorable! The skirts are my favorite, though I'm always partial to them versus pants. The cream and gold skirt ($79.90) has the volume of a tulip skirt, but the longer length is easier on the hips. (No one wants that volume.) The canvas "paint" skirt ($69.90) is fun and young but you can still wear it to the office or out for drinks.

But my favorite item by far was a bright red jacket with ruched sleeves ($79.90). The sleeves really made it—no more pushing or rolling them up repeatedly. And the color punches up your Fall wardrobe.

The pieces hit Limited stores nationwide June through September.