Market Watch: La Prairie's Marine Collection

La Prairie's Marine Collection

I'm always on the hunt for new skincare products. Bonus points if they fight wrinkles and are on the eco-friendly side. So when La Prairie invited me to the Bloomingdale's flagship for the launch of its Advanced Marine Biology collection, I was obviously intrigued.

The line was developed in partnership with Celine Cousteau—as in the granddaughter of Jacques. Cousteau (who I admit to now officially having a girl crush on) heads up CauseCentric Productions, a film production company that shoots short documentaries on people who are solving world and environmental problems. See? Girl crush. 

In an effort to truly be sustainable, La Prairie worked with Cousteau to help develop the nutrients and anti-aging ingredients found in marine life on land. Meaning? The seas aren't depleted of much-needed plant life.

The products themselves are pretty great—and I say this as an anti-aging junkie. (Alas, to be 25 again.) I loaded up nearly every product on my hands last night, with the result being super-soft skin today. The Revitalizing Emulsion is great for those minimalist types who want one product to do it all (though you still need SPF). Eyes, face and neck in one bottle—great for travel. The eye gel is light enough to keep your makeup in place but combats dark circles (believe me, I'm trying this one next).

Of course, my attention was mostly taken by the Cellular Power Charge Night ($475), a retinol and oxygen treatment that works to fight wrinkles. When you start to see those first stubborn little lines appear, retinol can work wonders. And yes, I plan to bathe in this stuff.

The Advanced Marine Biology Collection ranges from $65 to $175 and is sold at Bloomingdale's as well as