My Favorite Summer Scents

eau d'italie

Of all the beauty experiments I've conducted on myself in the name of what looks and smells good (and journalism, of course), a fragrance story is definitely one of the most fun.

Parfums and colognes have a way of making me feel sexy and chic without much effort, to be honest. Trying on new scents is an easy way to change my mood, my energy, and even the way I walk. These are some of my favorite scents for summer, all equally light, easy-breezy, and cool for the season.

One of my new loves is Jardin Du Poete from Eau D’Italie. It launches stateside in September and has a light cucumber-basil-lime scent that is actually unisex but I've become addicted to it for daytime.

The new Gucci Flora scent is sweeter, a little richer and floral. It’s more girlie and flirtatious, and perfect for a night out. For date nights, I'm always coming back to the Jo Malone scents—Nectarine Blossom & Honey will have them lining up around the block for just a whiff of your neck.


Speaking of a summer romance, Hanae Mori Parfums in Paris just released a limited edition No. 3 fragrance with ingredients gathered on three continents and blended by hand—it's details like this that make me love a scent even more. And the image it conjures of traveling by boat to remote woodsy places to gather just the right delicate flower, far away from sweaty sidewalks and noisy traffic…. How fabulously chic to spritz on a little bit of the world, especially when there are American freesias, Asian white musks, and French sunflowers involved. They are also donating a portion of proceeds from U.S. sales to Japan via the American Red Cross.


Dior is also releasing a new scent this season: Addict To Life hits stores in August and the name itself says it all. It’s a little muskier than the rest, fresh and forceful with a kick of jasmine.

Summer, of course, is the time for getaways, and while traveling hasn't gotten any easier over the last decade, many beauty companies have gone out of their way to make the best of it with travel-friendly sizes. While it's not strictly a "perfume", La Prairie’s Cellular Energizing Body Spray is perfect for just that, which makes it ideal to stash in your bag for the next trip.

The fresh, citrusy, hydrating all-over-spray and the rest of this collection now come in bottles and jars small enough not to be confiscated by the beauty-hungry airport ladies. I’m just saying …