Neutral Is Not a Color


Previously, I blamed my job (editors handle a lot of paper). I laid it off on bad bag habits—toting too much stuff and constantly digging for keys, pens or change. But the truth is, my nails didn't always look great because I was less than diligent about manicures.

There, I said it. Accordingly I developed a plan: Keep nails short, keep color neutral and perhaps no one would notice. All of which has worked for years. (Or perhaps not, but hopefully my friends, my true friends, will leave me with my illusion.)

That doesn't mean I wasn't tempted: Deep rich reds—especially for big nights out; kicky pastels appealed for summer. And don't even get me started on the vampy attraction of Vamp when that was The Color. But I stuck to my guns and stayed in my comfort zone of Ballet Slippers, Madamoiselle, or when I was feeling particularly indulgent, a coat each of Fed Up and Sugar Daddy.

And then—you know where this story is going, don't you?—it happened: During a meeting just a few weeks ago, I noticed my colleague's nail color—a lovely shade of gray. I was inspired, make that driven, to try Chinchilly for myself.

Sadly, it didn't quite work on me (it was too, well, gray for my skin tone). But right next to it on the polish rack, I found heaven: Mink Muffs. A little brown, but not too brown, with a touch of purple—but not bright purple.

It dresses up, it dresses down—I can wear it everywhere. But perhaps most importantly, Mink Muffs acts as a little reminder to schedule a weekly manicure.

So far, so good. (Fingers crossed.)