Glamoxy Snake Serum Takes a Bite out of My Forehead

Glamoxy Snake Serum Mask and Pen

I used to think about joining the Peace Corps when I was younger, but now I’m even more convinced I picked the right industry.

While I secretly harbor a belief that beauty products can save the world, especially if one is to believe the press releases, I also know that you can’t believe everything. I may be a self-described beauty-product junkie, but I am also as skeptical as they come. I’ll be the first to try a new beauty trend, but if I don’t see quick results, well … on to the next.

A beauty editor friend (not Maria Hatzistefanis, who founded Rodial in 1999) used to tell me how nothing really worked just as she would hand me my holiday gift box full of the latest Perricones, Somervilles, and Formulations she herself had received as gifts. While she went on about "spackle" and side effects, I would quietly nod and tune her out as I rummaged through the goodies that promised to turn my skin into a small miracle.

So imagine my glee when a box of Rodial beauty products containing something that mimics the Temple Viper’s snake venom arrived at my door a few weeks ago. The danger prospect alone was enough to scare my wrinkles into hiding, I figured. The new Snake Serum pen is even fashioned like the bite of a king cobra (I’m guessing).

The Rodial skin-care line boasts lots of celebrity fans including youth miracles like Courteney Cox, Demi Moore, Eva Longoria, and Jennifer Lopez. This month, the company will launch the Glamoxy Snake Serum Mask and Pen.

If anyone knows me, they also know I am not a fan of the needle or the knife and will take anything over those other prospects. Thus, the promise of wrinkles disappearing in two minutes and lines diminishing in two weeks is always welcome.

But I got a little nervous when I opened the Snake Serum Mask and saw black muck oozing out. I had a vision of myself conducting the day’s meetings with a gray splotch on my face. It went on a little sticky, smelled strong, and even stung a little (somewhat appropriate, right?), but I ventured on, waited the allotted 15 minutes, and began peeling the mask off as instructed.

Now, anyone who has ever gotten sunburned knows the pain and joy of peeling dead skin. Admit it. So it’s with great excitement that I say: This feels better and doesn’t include the aforementioned dead skin! Not only did the mask get my face clean and spotless but it also peeled off easily, leaving my skin feeling smooth and tight. Jackpot!

Along with the mask, I decided to use the Snake Serum Pen “for deep set lines and wrinkles” and use it only on that annoying little worry crease between my eyes. I’ve had it since I was young and have to admit it is the one thing I dream of ambushing with Botox, but alas …

I was traveling on a shoot, and since the pen is small, I managed to apply the serum several times a day. I am pleased to say that while signs of my father’s nervous system still show on my forehead the line is indeed slightly less indented and somewhat more invisible.

With every wrinkle destroyed and every product on my shelf, I am convinced beauty can ultimately save the world. Imagine if everyone felt great about who they are and loved themselves enough to love everyone else around them. We probably wouldn’t even need the Peace Corps.

Yep, I am definitely in the right line of work.

Photo: Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen and Mask

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