Bettina's Take: Cinema Society Screening of 'Happythankyoumoreplease'

Josh Radnor Carey Mulligan

Gratitude: You can find it in the most unlikely situations.

At the Happythankyoumoreplease screening sponsored by the Cinema Society and Tommy Hilfiger, Josh Radnor—the film's gorgeous and charming writer, director and star—introduced his uplifting, poignant movie about people's lives not turning out quite the way they expected and their turning points around age 30.

"I always thought if I did anything right in this movie it was to surround myself with the right people, the greatest people you can hope to share a screen with," he said. "The movie is about gratitude. I didn't know that when I was writing it."

Not one person that I spoke to disagreed. The general consensus upon leaving the theater was that this is an adorable, feel-good movie, well worth seeing. We were all grateful to have been there.

At the after-party at the now legendary 18th floor at the Standard, guests sipped Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wines, nibbled cheeseburgers and cheese balls (the only ones in the room), and admired the breathtaking views.

Celebrities including Carey Mulligan, Ed Westwick, Adrian Grenier, John Mayer, and Gabourey Sidibe came to congratulate the cast and crew, who were still having dinner when we arrived.

I asked Celine Rattray, the Golden Globe–winning, Oscar-nominated producer of The Kids Are All Right, what she thought of the movie. "It was very charming and had a lot of heart," she said. "It was an impressive directorial debut by Josh Radnor."

Farhad Farman-Farmaian, owner of London's chicest private haunt, the Beauchamp Club, compared the feel of the movie to those of the master of coming-of-age films, John Hughes. "It reminded me of being a kid in the '80s and seeing a John Hughes movie," he explained. "It felt very contemporary and very present."

When Radnor and company finally arrived, I asked the "How I Met Your Mother" star how he felt about the movie. "Everybody seems happy with it," he said. "I'm happy with it."

Thank you, Josh. More, please.

Photo: Josh Radnor and Carey Mulligan