Bettina’s Take: Cocktails For Jay McInerney's ‘The Juice: Vinous Veritas’

Griffin Dunne, Brooke Shields, Jay McInerney

Jay McInerney has been hailed as one of the greatest writers of our time. He has been compared to Fitzgerald and Carver, and for good reason. His best-selling books exhibit depth, humor and a deep understanding of human behavior. Bright Lights, Big City influenced an entire generation, and is now considered a classic.

His most recent book,The Juice: Vinous Veritas, is a compilation of McInerney's wine experiences from around the globe, told with his characteristic insight and humor. To celebrate its publication, McInerney and his wife, Anne Hearst McInerney, invited their friends to their chic Greenwich Village penthouse for some wine, of course, and cocktails.

Brooke Shields, Dirk Wittenborn, A.M. Homes, Will Cotton and Rose Dergan, Griffin Dunne, Gary Fisketjon, Ross Bleckner, Nicole Miller and Jennet Conant came to congratulate McInerney and to mingle on the lovely terrace, cleverly tented in case of rain.

I asked McInerney what this latest tome is about—I'm an avid reader of his work.

"It's a book about my passion for wine and all the joys that it can bring. I hope people get excited and want to drink wine, snuggle up with someone they want to drink a lot of wine with and create a lot of memories," he replied.

Not one to rest on his laurels, McInerney is currently finishing a novel that is part of a trilogy that follows Brightness Falls and The Good Life, about the fictional Calloways who lead the life McInerney would have had "if I had married my college sweetheart and become an editor instead of a writer."

"It documents the life I didn't actually lead," explains McInerney, who, by the way, is very happy with the path he took.

Looking forward to reading that one, too.

Photo: Griffin Dunne, Brooke Shields and Jay McInerney