Around Town: Keith Richards, Patti Hansen and More at Hung on U Launch

The food at mobile brand HTC’s product launch party on Tuesday, whipped up by chefs from top New York restaurants Philippe, Aldea and Frankies Spuntino was delicious, and the crowd munching away was pretty yummy as well, with Charlize Theron, Leighton Meester, Hugh Dancy, Rashida Jones and Elizabeth Olsen among them.

While these folks are all talented, many admitted to being somewhat challenged when it comes to cooking. “Eggs is what I do,” said Penn Badgley of his culinary skills.

“I’m a horrible cook, but I’m really good at compensating in other areas,” Richie Rich told FashionEtc. “I cook pasta, but I’m not even Italian,” he added. “But I watch the Food Network, so I’m trying to learn.”

Book of Mormon’s Nikki M. James laughed when we asked. “I can’t cook at all. I live in New York City – I don’t have a kitchen!” the Tony winner said. “I don’t have shoes in my oven, but I certainly have never turned it on. “

However, James turns on her mobile devices too often. “I literally carry big bags so that I don’t have to be without my iPad. Which is a bad habit, I think I’m getting, like, scoliosis,” she said. “So I’m fully addicted.”

Musician Questlove says he forgets to lock his phone, so he keeps accidentally e-mailing photos when the device is in his pocket. “I think on Sunday at the Emmys I accidentally sent Rashida Jones about twenty photos from my hip,” the Jimmy Fallon show star said. Luckily, Questlove insists that he sensibly sticks with strictly G-rated, family-friendly photos, avoiding inadvertent scandals.

On Thursday Barneys launched Hung on U, a collection of cross-body bags designed by Patti Hansen, Molly Madden and Debi Koppel, with proceeds going to charity. The ladies not only asked people from the fashion world, like Diane von Furstenberg and Joe Zee, to decorate bags for the auction, but they also enlisted an interesting array of creative types like Patricia Arquette, Zach Galifinakis, Debra Messing and Anthony Kiedis to add their personal touches to the bags as well.

Hansen said she and the others wanted to come up with an idea to raise funds to fight epidermolysis bullosa. “We had canvas bags, everybody likes to color, all the artists, so it came together pretty instantly,” she said, explaining how the project started.

Hansen even got her hubby Keith Richards to design a bag. “My wife came up with the idea, and I did the drawing,” the rock legend said. “I’m always drawing; I didn’t know they put it on the bag,” he said, laughing. However, don’t look for Richards to be carrying one. “I’m not a bag man, you know. I travel light,” he said. Like a Rolling Stone.

Photo: Keith Richards and Patti Hansen