Bettina's Take: The Kathy Hilton Collection Launch

Kathy Hilton, Cornelia Guest

Kathy Hilton is indefatigable. The beautiful mother of four, currently based in LA, has been a successful entrepreneur, a TV star, and a dedicated philanthropist for most of her life. Her latest venture, The Kathy Hilton Collection, is a collection of ready to wear cocktail dresses that express Kathy's personal style: elegant, sophisticated, and sexy. Kathy collaborated with Mon Cheri and its CEO Stephen Lang to design and market the brand.

What better way to celebrate this new venture than to invite fashion personalities, close friends, and buyers to take a look at the collection, at the legendary Le Cirque?

"Ooh, look at that gorgeous aqua dress," said Cornelia Guest as she rifled through the rack.

"It's a night of glamour. It's so nice to be here with Kathy," said Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, echoing the sentiment of Hilton's friends in the room.

As Sharon Bush, Hilary Ross, Somers Farkas and Amber Collins dreamed of which dresses they would eventually own, Kathy and her husband Rick, ever the gracious hosts, made sure that their guests were comfortable and well taken care of.

“My collection will allow women searching for a glamorous ‘special occasion’ dress, long, short or in-between, to find something unique for their lifestyles, without breaking the bank. I have always wanted to reach these women, and with this Collection, I believe we have," said Hilton.

How lucky for us, Kathy!

Photo: Kathy Hilton and Cornelia Guest