Bettina’s Take: Douglas Hannant Post-Show Luncheon at the Plaza

Douglas Hannant Patricia Clarkson

You’ve created a triumphant show. What's the best way to celebrate? Host a luncheon for your nearest and dearest, of course

Douglas Hannant and Frederick Anderson gave a beautiful lunch after their September 14 show at the Plaza. Just a short walk away from the ballroom where the show was held, the Palm Court was the perfect venue for guests, including Patricia Clarkson (left), to talk about everything from the spectacular clothes, to Fashion Week highlights, to politics, as they sipped champagne, wine or (mostly) water while finding their seats.

A recurring answer to the "What did you love about the show?" question was the cream color used in most of the clothes. Lydia Fenet, wearing red Missoni, loved the cream "because it looks great with my dark coloring. I wish it was going to be spring right now instead of the fall."

"There were blouses that were so beautiful—cream blouses that had embroidery, Moorish trim, amazingly feminine. It was all about the blouses for me," said Marcia Mishaan, wearing a plaid, baby doll Burberry dress.

Ainsley Earhardt, the beautiful co-host of Fox and Friends, and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the equally stunning co-host of The Five on Fox, were also big fans of the cream theme.

"I loved the show, I thought it was fantastic. The cream was beautiful on the runway, the way the models floated down was like artwork. I loved the hair," said Guilfoyle.

"Most importantly the lines were very beautiful. The necklines were especially beautiful—very flattering," said Earhardt. "I loved the cream, I think it looks good on everyone: blondes, brunettes, redheads."

Guests enjoyed a delicious seafood salad, the perfect lunch for weight-conscious fashion lovers, and caught up on various projects to come. "Alina is in Washington at Michelle Obama's fashion awards,” said CNN's Gigi Stone, referring to colleague and friend Alina Cho, and to the luncheon Michelle Obama hosted for the winners of the National Design Award on September 13 at the White House.

I’m sure Alina had a interesting afternoon in D.C. But I couldn’t have been happier than spending a few hours with Douglas and Frederick, beautiful clothes, and great friends.

Photo: Douglas Hannant and Patricia Clarkson