Bettina’s Take: Douglas Hannant and Frederick Anderson’s Summer Kick-off

Jamee Gregory, Douglas Hannant, Alina Cho

They say the the mark of a great host is the ability to make it look effortless. And Douglas Hannant and Frederick Anderson proved "They" right again when they hosted 120 friends on the Friday night of a summery weekend at Georgica restaurant in East Hampton. Co-hosts Alina Cho, Anne Hearst and Pamela Gross (in Douglas Hannant of course) helped set the tone.

Anderson was greeting everyone at the door—seemingly without a care in the world, though Frederick confided there might be a something on his mind.

"We have nice weather, summer is here, and I'm ready to relax—even though I'm not relaxed, we have three shows next week," he laughed. "I can pretend I'm relaxed." Douglas, it seemed, was ready to embrace the season. "It's just a summer kickoff to see my friends and have a good time," said Hannant, "so everyone can loosen up, have a few drinks and some good food."

But even at the most laid-back dinner parties, eventually it's time to eat. Getting 10 dozen friends who are thoroughly engaged in catching up to take their seats can be a challenge, but guests Nazanin and Roald Smeets, Patty Raynes (in Andrew Gn), Dennis Basso and Michael Comminotto, and Jay McInerney, gamely lead the way to the tables. There, talk ranged from Weinergate to summer plans, with plenty of laughter all around.

Candle light made everyone look gorgeous, or should I say, more so. Cho, wearing a white sequined Douglas Hannant dress, appeared ethereal, like a Klimt portrait come to life. Dr. Doug Steinbrecht complimented her on it. "It's not my normal style, but it is a great dress," she agreed.

Even as the evening wound down and we were taking our leave, our hosts were still, well, hosting. "Won't you have a cupcake?" asked Anderson as I was on my way out, pointing to a huge tray of tantalizing treats.

No thanks, Fred. I'd rather wear the clothes.

Photo: Jamee Gregory, Douglas Hannant, and Alina Cho