Life’s a Banquet Don’t Starve: Dateline Megève

Parfumerie de Megève

It’s spring, and a not-so-young woman’s thoughts turn to wrinkle prevention.

Dear reader, I find myself in the charming French mountain village of Megève, a medieval hamlet turned ski resort complete with an Hermès outpost suitably positioned in the center of the village square … right beside the church. All hail the sine qua non of luxury leather goods!

While searching for a moisturizing sunscreen capable of protecting me from the glaring alpine rays, I happened upon the Parfumerie de Megève, a well-stocked jewel box of cosmetics and such tucked into a cobblestone side street (directly across from a casting of Rodin’s The Kiss).

There I was introduced to a most exciting line of skin-care products from Japan, the Kanebo Sensai collection. After only a few days of using their Creamy Soap and Wrinkle Repair Collagenergy, I’m hooked.

Perhaps it’s just wishful seeing or the fact that I don’t wear my glasses during my morning ablutions, but I swear there is a difference. (I also hasten to add that I don’t own stock in Kanebo, nor do any of my relatives.)

Though I live in New York, it took this trip Haute-Savoie to encounter the magnificent new limited-edition fragrances by Tom Ford, delectably presented in large apothecary-style “flacons” with heavy crystal tops. My favorite: Tobacco Vanille, a blend that celebrates the lush fullness of the spice without making it saccharine—a difficult balance indeed.

And, oh yes, did I mention the Alps are exquisite this time of year? It’s awe-inspiring to view this corner of the world from 5,000 feet up, but one must never forget the basics: perfume and skin care!!!

Péché Mignon/Cute Sin of the Day: as many as the beads in a rosary—but I’ll just mention the bread the bread the bread, olive, cheese, and ham, plain. It’s ambrosial. I’ll diet tomorrow; for today, I’m following my own advice:

Life’s a banquet, don’t starve.

Photo: The Parfumerie de Megève