Bettina's Take: Pisces Party Hosted by Alina Cho, John Demsey, and Marilyn Gauthier

Alina Cho, John Demsey, Marilyn Gauthier

Pisces: What a great sign! It is said that Pisceans are extremely restless and have a constant urge to move. Luckily, Alina Cho, John Demsey, and Marilyn Gauthier stayed still long enough to celebrate their Pisces birthdays at John's lovely townhouse on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

It has become an annual affair, one their multitude of friends look forward to with great anticipation. The hosts set the tone with their energy, and this year was no exception: Every room was packed with fascinating guests from the worlds of beauty and fashion, entertainment and art, business and more. It's the kind of party where deals are made, ideas are exchanged, jobs are created, and romance blossoms.

"Every night in New York, there is a fabulous party. What we wanted to do was bring together all of the people we love at a HOME. And what better home than John's?" said birthday girl Alina, stunning in a red Prabal Gurung dress, as Thom Filicia, Michael Boodro, Hunt Slonem, and Claiborne Swanson Frank congratulated her on her big day.

Alina Cho, Kim Hastreiter, Patricia Fields, Nicole Miller

The weather was unusually balmy for March 17, which made for a very pleasant evening indeed—as did the two bars set up outdoors. Cornelia Guest's catering company, Templeton Events, had prepared copious, homey hors d'oeuvres. "The portions are so generous, one could have dinner here," said Anne Hearst McInerney, while munching raw carrots and asparagus.

A svelte William Lauder wasn't going near the mini burgers, while other Lauder-ites Bobbi Brown and Maureen Case chatted with the crowd and ignored the spinach pies. (Aerin Lauder, who also came to wish the hosts well, was slipping out just as I arrived.)

John Demsey, Dana Hammond Stubgen

Ann Dexter-Jones told me she is thrilled her jewelry line is being sold at the superbly edited store L'Eclaireur in Paris. CNN political analyst Robert Zimmerman is also on Fox News now, a tribute to his open-mindedness. I heard Jonathan Becker, Glenda Bailey, Geraldo Rivera, and Gilles Mendel had stopped by, but it was virtually impossible to see everyone with all the comings and goings, upstairs and down. It was crowded in a good way—it didn't feel like a crush.

At the beginning of the evening, John Demsey had his adorable baby daughter in his arms. What a proud father he is—there is no better birthday gift. She helped blow out the candles when the birthday cakes appeared, one for each of the celebrants. (Alina's was vanilla with vanilla icing; Marilyn's, vanilla with mocha; John's, chocolate with chocolate). As I was leaving, guests were still coming in, and I'm sure it was going strong way past the 9 p.m. end time. Now that's a successful party!

Photos: (Top, left to right) Alina Cho, John Demsey, and Marilyn Gauthier, (center) Cho, Kim Hastreiter, Patricia Fields, and Nicole Miller, (bottom) Demsey and Dana Hammond Stubgen.