Around Town: Cosmo's Fun Fearless Males and Roasting Donald Trump

Why would a bunch of men turn up at a Cosmopolitan magazine party? Because the racy women’s title was celebrating its annual Fun Fearless Males, of course. And 2011 honoree Russell Brand lived up to that title, giving a fun—hilarious, actually—speech during dinner and pulling a fearless stunt, climbing the backdrop on the red carpet.

Cosmo editor in chief Kate White said Brand is the epitome of fearless: “He’ll do anything, he’ll run around in his underwear, he’ll say anything, he married just a glorious, fabulous, fearless girl—and yet he takes his mother to the Oscars.” Aww!

Fun Fearless runners-up included Penn Badgley, who noted that he was the third of the Gossip Girl guys to get the award. “I was going to bring Chace Crawford as my date, which would have been fearless and probably bad for my image, so I left him at home,” he quipped. “You know, I haven’t gotten any awards in my four years on Gossip Girl. This is in place of all the Emmys we won’t ever win.”

Isaiah Mustafa, best known as the towel-clad Old Spice guy, got a lot of attention from the ladies at the party. He’s single! “I happen to be learning about relationships,” Mustafa said. “I haven’t gotten it down pat, so that’s why I’m a single guy. For whatever reason, I’m not doing it right, so I’ve got to figure it out.” Ladies, it’ll be fun training him.

Even Badgley became a fan: “Isaiah, you are charming!” he told the audience, to much laughter. “Good god, are you single? Well watch out!”

With the success of the Old Spice ads, Mustafa’s career has taken off; he recently shot movies with Tyler Perry and Jennifer Aniston. That cologne seems to work.

The Vampire Diaries hunk Ian Somerhalder thanked Cosmo for providing a public service: insight into the minds of the opposite sex. “It allows us men to sort of get an insight into what you women are thinking.” As a service to partygoers, Cosmo ran film clips of Somerhalder in various stages of undress.

Aussie Thor star Chris Hemsworth credited his older brother for calling him a boring, wimpy child, which turned him into a fun, fearless adult.

But there was also one Fun Fearless female on hand: Mila Kunis, Cosmo’s cover girl. The Black Swan star, who was a bit hoarse due to a cold, said that as far as being fearless, she has jumped out of a plane. “That was exciting and fearless; I don’t know about fun,” she said.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump sat quietly and listened as people made fun of him—and he couldn’t even fire them! Comedy Central taped a roast of the Donald, which will air March 15. Larry King, Mike “the Situation” Sorrentino, and Snoop Dogg were among those who took hilarious swipes at Trump.

Well, it seemed hilarious—our judgment may have been clouded by the copious quantities of booze served by women in sparkly minidresses adorned with Miss Universe–style sashes emblazoned with the name “Trump.”  In typical understated style, Donald was driven to the Hammerstein Ballroom stage in a Cadillac golf cart.

Trump agreed to the roast, he said, because Comedy Central paid him a lot of money, which will go to charity. “So I really had an obligation; I’ll sit there, I’ll try not to listen, they’re going to just absolutely go after every part of my body,” he said before the show. “This is not going to be pleasant.” 

The jokes were cruel but funny. And boy, do we have a hangover.

Photo: Ian Somerhalder