4 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles That Work for Every Hair Type

The claw clip has made a victorious comeback as of late. For some, the reemergence of the hair accessory may bring back memories of hairspray and fake tan-clad Jersey Shore Season 1 types, though the recent fresh take on these clips has done it some favors since those days. Current claw clip wearers can be seen donning the accessory in an array of hues ranging from pretty pink and sage green to classics like navy and black. This Amazon set with over 17K reviews backs up the claw clip’s return. Chances are, you’ve seen one of these on someone at the gym, the grocery store or even during a night out on the town.

Though the claw clip is seen virtually everywhere right now, it can still be a difficult accessory to style. With a little guidance and some help from a few professional hair styling products, anybody can rock a hairstyle using a claw clip. Here are some of the best (and easiest!) claw clip hairstyles that work for every hair type.

1. Clipped French Twist: It’s always good to start off with a classic. For a timeless and elegant hairstyle using a long claw clip, go for this easy take on a French Twist that doesn’t require bobby pins and will have anyone out the door in seconds. Though this particular style tends to benefit longer hair better, it’s totally doable for shorter styles as well with the use of a smaller clip. As long as the hair can fit into a ponytail, this style will work!

Start by brushing through the hair to smooth bumps and maximize silkiness. Use a professional hairspray all over the hair to keep everything in line and smooth down any flyaways. Once hair is smooth, gather it into a low ponytail and twist the hair at the base instead of using an elastic. Twist the hair upwards until the entire ponytail is wrapped up in itself and then fold the tail in half at the back of the head so it’s not much longer than the clip. Lastly, secure the claw clip over the twisted hair and spray with hairspray again if needed.

2. ½ and ½ Clip: For those who don’t want a full updo using a claw clip, let that hair (halfway) down with this half-up, half-down style. Start by styling the hair as if it will be worn fully down. Take all the hair above the top of the ears into one section and create an even, straight horizontal part using the fingers or the handle of a comb. Take the claw clip and secure it onto the hair, making sure to get the entirety of the top section inside the clip. Be sure to include a little bit of hair from the bottom section as well in order to keep the clip from moving around or falling out. Add a few finishing touches with some professional texture hair products to add dimension and shape!

3. Claw Clip Fountain: One of the easiest and most flattering hairstyles using a claw clip is the style that makes the hair look like it’s overflowing out of the clip. It’s rather similar to the French Twist style, yet it offers a more relaxed appearance and more hair visibility. Before starting the look, be sure to prep by using salon-quality shampoo, conditioner and other hair care products. The hair outside the clip tends to move a lot when wearing this hairstyle, so it’s important to make sure it’s super healthy-looking and shiny.

Start by gathering the hair at the base of the skull and twist it around and upwards, exactly like a classic twist. Instead of folding the hair over, though, simply secure the claw clip at the bottom of the head and allow the remaining ends of the hair to fall or spew out naturally. This is a great option for casual days or can be spiced up with loose curls and a dressy outfit.

4. Side Swoop: Another easy way to wear the hair down with a claw clip is to have it secured near the side of your head instead of the back. This usually requires a shorter, smaller clip that holds less hair. To get this look, part the hair to one side. For more of a “swoop” shape, part the hair even further to one side. Next, brush the hair over the top of the forehead, allowing it to hang or dip a bit, before bringing it above and behind the opposite ear and securing the claw clip there. It’s a dramatic and romantic look that brings lots of attention to the face.