19 Cute Hairstyles for Every Season

Every woman needs a few cute hairstyles they can fall back on for different occasions. But as the seasons change, so do most of the cuts and trends. It’s hard for a girl to keep up, right? But we’re here to help. Taking cues from celebrities and design trends, here are 19 cute hairstyles for every season. So, whether it’s beachy waves, balloon ponytails or hipster buns, work your locks and play with these styles for all sorts of parties, festivities and even casual outings.

#1 Headband over Short Cuts

Sometimes, hair accessories can pull off any style. But wearing headbands for short hair is a great style for every season. Not only can you change up the pattern and seasonal flair of your headbands, but they can appear as casual or dressed up as you’d like them to be.

#2 Beachy Waves

Beachy waves might work best in summer, but it’s a cute hairstyle for every season. Spritz it with a salt spray and let it air dry naturally to look like you took a wander along the sandy shore.

#3 Balloon Ponytail

Janelle Monae may not have invented the balloon ponytail, but she sure made it iconic. Voluminous, playful and bold, this cute hairstyle can work for every season too. Wear it to a holiday party or for a summer date night.

#4 Loose Ponytail

The loose ponytail can be pulled off anywhere, anytime. Work it like a regular ponytail but, instead, gather it from the name of your neck. Don’t forget to pull out a few wispy strands to frame the face. Or go bold and pair it with some chopped-off bangs.

#5 Deep Side Part

Side parts are still cool, at least by some generation’s standards. Especially when you pull it off effortlessly and confidently. With a side part, slick the other side down to elevate this debatable hairstyle aesthetic.

#6 Curly Updo

Got lots of curls? Give your hair a curly updo for a freewheeling summer vibe or a festive holiday party. Don’t let your voluminous locks stay hidden — embrace them!

#7 The Single Braid

Bad hair day not required, at least for the single braid. Let your hair loose but show your hippie side with a small, neatly tucked away single braid. Pair it with a summer hat or even a beanie for a cute hairstyle for every season.

#8 Random Braids

Like the single braid look? Check out this random braid hairstyle by Salma Hayek. Perfect for wearing out and about during the hot summer months or adding a whimsical touch to holiday celebrations and festivities, the random braid look is a cute hairstyle for every season.

#9 Wrapped Ponytail

Take a page from Regina King’s wrapped ponytail hairstyle. This hands-down glam hairstyle is easily recreated by securing metallic hair ties, one band after the other, down the length of your hair.

#10 French Braided Bun

Love a french braid and top knot? Combine the best of both worlds with the french braided bun. It’s perfect for all kinds of weather. Keep your hair off your shoulders during the summer and or wear it for a fall date.

#11 Space Buns

Keep this Kendall Jenner style in your back pocket for when you need a cute hairstyle for a casual day out running errands or seeing a concert. Space buns offer a playful look to regular buns, adding a bit of funkiness. Not ready for this audacious style? Tone down the glittered double bun look by securing the buns at the nape of the neck instead.

#12 Curled Ponytail

Love the playfulness of a classic ponytail but need to elevate it a tad? Say hello to the cutest hairstyle: the curled ponytail. Wear it day or night — it works all year round too.

#13 Wispy Updo

Looking for a casual updo look? Use this Meghan-Markle-inspired hairstyle of a wispy updo. Start by spraying your crown (pun intended) with hairspray and brushing it back tight into a small bun. Next, pull out a wisp or two from behind the ears for a more romantic look.

#14 Hipster Bun

Looking for something like the top knot but with a bit more flair? Try the hipster bun. This modern, cute hairstyle lies somewhere between a top knot and a half-up look. Add a few waves on the ends for added style.

#15 Side Twists

Effortless yet elegant, side twists look stylish with several cute hairstyles. Wear them on their own or with a glamorous updo. All you do is create a middle part and loosely twist the hair toward the head, pulling it into a low ponytail. You could also make it into a bun or let it loose.

#16 The Top Knot Braid

Top knots are always a casual look that goes great with any number of styles. But take it to the next level with the top knot braid. Twist the top section of your locks into one giant top knot to pull off this look all year round.

#17 Fishtail

Another cute hairstyle for every season is the fishtail. The fishtail braid is a bit loose at the crown with wispy strands. It gives a mermaid-inspired appearance for the summer. In the winter months, put your locks in a fishtail braid and drape them over a chunky wool knit sweater when you head out to the apple orchard or holiday shopping.

#18 Messy Side Braid

A side braid can look sleek and polished, but when things go wrong — just go with the flow. Instead of starting over, embrace this multi-seasonal look and let those wisps free. Wear it for a romantic fall picnic or heading to the beach for summer.

#19 Big Waves

Step out on the town with big, thick and voluminous waves. Glamorous for holiday parties or while meandering the boardwalk at the beach, all it takes is a large barrel curling iron to create this cute hairstyle.