5 Important Self-Care Ideas

Looking after your body and mind is super important, and everyone can benefit from a little self-care every now and then! Whether you’re a foodie, gym lover or pamper queen, there are plenty of things you can do every day to treat yourself!

Spa Night

A self-care classic, having your own spa night is the perfect at-home alternative to going out to a salon. It's completely customizable, allowing you to do whatever you want and need, without spending loads! There are plenty of pamper kits available, from manicures and pedicures to face and hair masks, so why not pick an evening and let yourself relax. Scented candles are always a great addition, as are some tasty snacks and drinks. These pamper sets also make great gifts, so why not order one or put one together yourself for a loved one who is in need of a bit of TLC?


Whether you love making food or eating it (or both!), cooking a great meal or eating amazing food is another way to treat yourself. Set aside a day or a few hours to try out that recipe you’ve been thinking about and let your creative juices flow. Not only do you get the enjoyment of making the food, but you also get a wonderful home cooked meal at the end of it! Alternatively, ordering from that restaurant you’ve been dying to try can make a night in really special. Combine this with a spa night and you’ve got the perfect, luxurious evening!


Taking time out of your day to breathe and stretch is very important, not just physically, but also emotionally. Yoga is a great mix of exercise and mindfulness, as it allows you to take notice of your body and mind, while getting your blood moving. You can practice from home, using a variety of apps or videos, and you don’t need lots of fancy equipment either! Yoga is not competitive, and you can find a practice that matches your ability, which makes it less intimidating than some group workouts. You can also target areas that you want to work on, such as abs, flexibility, or shoulders and back, which can be great if you've been sitting at a desk all day! Combine your practice with some calming music, low lights, and scents and you’ve got your own personal yoga studio!

Health Checks

Looking after your body is the most important component to looking and feeling your best. Yes, getting regular check-ups can be self-care! They might seem like chores that are easily forgotten, but they are vital in maintaining your health. From eye disease screenings to dental check-ups, make sure you are in tip top condition by frequently seeing medical professionals. Not only will this help manage any existing conditions, but they will be able to catch any issues early on, offering the best treatment and advice to help you be as healthy as possible.


Everyone loves a good night’s sleep, but you may find yourself unable to have one for a variety of reasons. Work, stress, screens, and caffeine can all contribute to sleeplessness, so getting into a bedtime routine, and sticking to it, is important to teach your body to wind down. Try swapping screens in bed for books, and that last cup of coffee for some chamomile tea and see if these small changes impact your sleep quality.