3 Ways to Update Your Look for 2020

A new year can mean a whole new look, and when spring comes around, the changing weather gives you an excellent excuse for a mini makeover. You don’t have to completely overhaul your wardrobe to bring your look up to date, just a few changes can ensure you stay on trend with minimal effort, so here are some ideas to try.

1. Have a closet cleanout

Firstly, it’s worth taking stock of what you do have in your closet, and getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit, or doesn’t inspire you, and you’re bored of them.

Some items that are set to look dated in 2020 include:

•  Cropped jeans and pants – they were unflattering on most body types anyway, so you may be relieved to hear that capris are now out of style. There are plenty of alternatives to capris that are much more flattering.

•  Neon – another trend that was hard to pull off, especially for anyone over 30, neon colors have thankfully left the catwalk.

•  Sock boots – while they were comfortable for those with chunkier ankles, sock boots have sadly been replaced by knee-high boots in fashion circles.

•  Dad sneakers – while they were the comfiest fashion trend ever, they weren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, so you may not be sad to chuck out your chunky, unflattering sneakers.

Getting rid of older, out of style items gives you more wardrobe space, and makes it easier to pick your outfits in the morning.

2. Choose some key pieces for 2020

Once you’ve cleared space, it’s worth picking a few important key pieces that will be big in 2020, as this can help you bring any outfit up to date.

Look for:

•  Quilted bags

•  Neutral colors

•  Pearls

•  Voluminous dresses

•  Split leg pants

•  Big bags

•  Retro sneakers

You don’t have to rush out and buy a load of expensive designer clothes to stay on-trend. Just a few items that you’ll wear a lot, and that are flattering, will instantly bring your closet into the new year.

3. Update your hair and make-up styles

You could wear the most fantastic designer outfits, but if your hair and make-up are out of date, then this can bring down your entire look.

It’s worth getting a session with a make-up artist Orlando who can advise on how to refresh your style. Many women do the same make-up style every day, often because they are in a hurry, so this is an excellent way to learn new tricks and get a fresh look.

You should also consider seeing a hairstylist and colorist who can bring your hair look up to date. In 2020, expect to see more textured bobs, which can be flattering for women of all ages and easy to style, but require a good cut to get this specific look. Bangs are also back, especially longer curtain bangs parted in the middle, and they will need to be trimmed every few weeks.

It’s better to stick with hair colors that suit your skin tone, rather than following trends. A good colorist can take years off your look and make you feel fantastic.